Pro Cycling Manager/Tour de France 2010 v1.0.2.2 Patch
- Improved races listing programms in career mode. This is only viable for new career saves made with this patch.
- Fixed an issue concerning the young riders progress limitation on the acceleration characteristic in career mode.
- Fixed a simulation issue that could prevent to assign a leader or a sprinter.
- Fixed an issue with equipement that could previously stay on the default C1 configuration.
- Added three new ladder races (Paris-Roubais, Tour de France : Cambrai - Reims, Tour de France : Bagnères de Luchon - Pau).
- Updated the Ladder database.

- Improved game performances and memory management.
- Improved sprints gameplay (fixed issues with "trains" and team mates).
- New A.I. in season mode, when selecting riders (improved contestants selection when there are only a few riders for each team).
- Several improvements in detailed simulation (Possib.ility to change the riders role in the bottom of the page and fixed the issue with the selection of a leader not registered in the race).
- Fixed the number of riders affected to a training during season two and the following ones.
- Fixed a bug that could prevent to go through the listing of world championships.
- Fixed the list of winners : top 25 is displayed on important races.
- Fixed the goals difficulty for weak custom teams.
- Several improvements in multiplayer interface.
- Fixed an issue in multiplayer when loading a season or stage race.
- Fixed a protection issue which detected the use of an emulation software.
- Added a protection to avoid the encounter of young riders with outstanding characteristics. This is only viable for new career saves made with this patch.

- Fix a crash that could occur when reloading a saved game in « Season mode »
- Fix the world championships riders selection.
- Fix a crash when using “Escape” button while there was a “waiting for connection…” pop-up.
- Fix a bug which created in rare cases some young talents with very high attributes (> 77).
- Fix ITT Training camps bug which was not giving the bonus.

- Fix the October, 24th crash ( only).


- Changed routes of two stages in Tour of Australia and the stage "Pau-Tourmalet" of the Tour de France.

- Goals changed: sponsor’s contentment for Classics is not counted twice anymore; goals are displayed, the race date is now displayed.
- Magazine improved: fixed some riders pictures and the choice of the rider of the month.
- Improved the career loading time.
- Fixed the custom team ranking at the career start and update it when the year changes.
- National and Global champions are now saved.
- Training camps: Fixed booking dates for training camps and deletion of characteristic bonus at the end of the training camps.

Season Mode:
- Fixed a crash in Season mode.
- Removed incapacitating injuries for this mode.

- Improved stability of long period of gaming.
- Tunnels : Fixed a rare crash on stages with tunnels and fixed a camera angle when getting out of a tunnel.
- Removed all zebra crossings on bridges and cobblestone roads.
- Fixed the temporary ranking in race.
- Fixed commentaries in race: maximum amount of displayed commentaries is now 5.
- Fixe a gap between the displayed finish line and the real finish line on a few stages (Catalogne stage 3, Mallorca stage 2).
- Fixed the Start list in Stage Race mode.
- Improved low walls texture.
- Changed road tags.
- Added handling of withdrawals in detailed simulation.

- Improved results display with the addition of the player’s name in the results and fixed the selected stages list in Stage Race mode.
- LAN: Fixed GameCenter settings in Season mode and the display of riders’ age.
- Improved stability in Track mode ladder.

- Navigation: Escape can now be used to close popups during the race and to perform a return in manager pages.
- Improved the information page before race: bonus points are now displayed with top priority.
- Added the automatic pause function when the player browses options during a solo 3D Race.
- New shortcut: CTRL + U hides (or displays) the interface during a 3D race.
- Improved the display of stage events.
- Changed colour to display distances between rider groups in race (Green -> White).
- Fixed several elements in the interface ('Search' menu; shape planning in career; "next" icons during replays and podiums; riders command board in race; popup in replay mode; font of bottom icons in the management screen; Pause icon in Track mode).
- Added some mini-logos for custom teams.

- Improved stability and performances of the stage (Fixed "Pelt" tool and shadow management).
- Added the prologue characteristic in the database Editor.

- Updated some localizations.
- Screenshots are now saved in PNG instead of BMP.

- Improved the detection of 512 MB graphics cards.
- Added new screen resolutions and removed non standard resolutions.