Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition v2.0.1.0 Patch
- Blood Lust:
* It is now possible to re-plan the Action after a failed Blood Lust roll.
* A sound is played when a Vampire fails the Blood Lust roll.
* The log entry " uses skill Blood Lust" will now only be displayed on failed rolls.

- New pause system in Internet play:
* Only the acting team can now pause the game.
* There is now a timer after each pause to prevent the player from pausing the game too much. The timer increases after each pause and resets to its minimal value after a certain amount of time without pausing.

- Bribes:
* It is now possible to use bribes on KO'd Secret Weapon players.
* It is now possible to use more than one bribe on a single player.

- Teams' details are now displayed on the loading screen.
- It is now possible to run Matchmaking with multiple teams.
- The reconnection timer should now be properly displayed in cutscenes.
- Disturbing Presence: now applies to bouncing ball catch attempts.
- Changing Weather: the ball will now only bounce twice when the weather is Nice.
- Foul Appearance: now also checked before throwing the 2nd Block of Frenzy.
- Piling On: now cannot be used when player has Taken Root.
- Fixed an issue with Multiple Block automatically used in multiplayer games.
- Fixed an issue with Frenzy allowing the player to throw 3 blocks in some situations.
- Fixed a possible match lock up when using Dump-Off.
- Fixed a possible match lock up on some Kick-Off events.
- Fixed an issue with Stab preventing the player from using Dauntless or Multiple Block.
- Fixed the Necromancer.
- Fixed the timer in the Pre-Match sequence in multiplayer.
- Fixed a treasury issue in Blitz Campaign/Competition.