Distant Worlds: Return of the Shakturi v1.501 Beta 1 Patch
Bug Fixes
◦ Fixed crash where deleted default designs broke Action buttons when selecting uninhabited planets and moons (e.g. designs for resort base, monitoring station, etc)
◦ Fixed crash when view design of pirate ship or base (via Trace Scanner component)
◦ Fixed crash when view components for some resources in Expansion Planner screen (e.g. Iridium)
◦ Fixed crash when viewing galactic storms while zoomed in to system level
◦ Fixed bug where construction ships sometimes would not retrofit
◦ When take ownership of base or carrier, now also take ownership of fighters at base or carrier
◦ Fixed crash when no colony ship design and 'build and send colony ship' in Expansion Planner screen
◦ Fixed rare crash when planets/moons/asteroids had been added/removed from the galaxy
◦ Fixed resource transporting so that mining stations properly have excess resources taken to nearest space port
◦ Fixed 'Load Troops' Action button for individual military ships

Modding Support
◦ Added new racial biases text file for controlling natural biases between races (biases.txt)
◦ Default in-game racial biases now applied when no biases file (biases.txt) present in a theme
◦ Fix to allow more than 22 race images in custom themes
◦ Prevent unplayable races from showing up in Start New Game screen or Quick Start screen after change themes

Game Editor
◦ Fixed crash that occurred after adding new stars or systems in game editor
◦ Added following new options when editing planet/moon/asteroid in game editor:
▪ Toggle planetary rings on/off (for non gas-giant planets)
▪ Add/remove resources
▪ Edit planet quality
▪ Edit planet scenery bonus and description
▪ Edit planet/star research bonuses

Empire Policy
◦ Prevent military ships of another empire from refueling at your colonies and bases unless have Free Trade Agreement or better (Empire Policy setting)

Interface Improvements
◦ Added mass-fighter upgrade button for each carrier (Action buttons)
◦ Added mass fighter upgrade for entire empire (Empire Policy setting)
◦ Added separators for thousands in numbers (money values) in Trade screen, Diplomacy screen, Build Order screen and Advisor messages
◦ Added list of new techs that triggered mass-retrofit to advisor pop-up (so that can better determine whether to retrofit)
◦ Adjusted Selection Panel layout so that info does not 'fall off' bottom when colonies selected
◦ Excluded non-playable races from displaying in victory conditions screen (Ancient Guardians and Shakturi do not count towards victory conditions)
◦ No longer prepopulate build amounts in Build Order screen (from advisor suggestions) if Ship Building automation is set to manual
◦ Build Order advisor recommendations now limited by empire cashflow and cash on hand

Game Balance Improvements
◦ Reduced flee/escape distance until begin warp jump (escaping ships jump sooner)
◦ Increased military ship-building levels for AI empires
◦ Ancient Guardians better defend their home colony with troops
◦ Ensure Ancient Guardians generate intelligence agents
◦ Ensure some intelligence agents always assigned to counter-intelligence for AI empires

Performance Improvements
◦ Ship movement in galaxy map much smoother on multi-core machines