Din's Curse v1.017 Beta Patch
* improved a couple more ground textures
* now bags always show in hide crappy items mode
* centered options better on set up world screen
* improved rylor bomb effects (DemonWar)
* fixed insane amount of tornadoes being unleashed (DemonWar)
* made pets healing at Din's altar silent (Max_Powers)
* moved pets stance icon some
* fixed healing icon on pet blinking when using Din's altar (Max_Powers)
* increased range npcs would cower from lightning
* decreased tornado lasting time from 60.0 to 45.0 (DemonWar)
* now give feedback to where donated item went (DemonWar) (jeremyosborne)
* fixed prices of cursed items
* now give a little more feedback on lottery (DemonWar) (jeremyosborne)
* npcs fights now last a bit longer, but also longer between fights (DemonWar)
* fixed empty levels near difficulty max (Chumpy)
* fixed petrified npc dialog (ebarstad)
* fixed undead from attacking their own town attack gates (Ghost Matter/FloodSpectre/Nomad Soul)
* changed Brenna's Cap and Brenna's Cuffs to fit set better (Manumitted)
* changed Dez's Cap to fit set better (Manumitted)
* changed protocol to 15
* changed Damek's Gloves and Damek's Cap to fit set better (Manumitted)
* fire, cold, and lightning masteries now get small resistance bonuses (Manumitted)
* changed sign when displaying escape notice numbers (Nobear)
* increased per level damage for ball lightning, ice storm, fire, and poison gas traps from 4/8 to 10/20 (udm)
* exposed max Text Events user var on game options screen (Steve)
* tornadoes should get stuck on the world less now (DemonWar) (Steve)
* tool tip no longer says click to talk on thieves (Manumitted)
* now ignore door clicks when opening and closing (Manumitted)
* now hide easy/hard arrows on set up world screen when out of range (Archon/Nobear)
* changed monster resistances in legendary in expansion back to normal (DemonWar)