Football Superstars v2.1
Major Feature Changes in this Patch

FS Membership
FS subscriptions have been replaced by the new FS membership system. Under the new FS Membership system you gain membership points for every FS Credit you purchase, the number of points you have gained determines your membership level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond). With each new membership level you earn bonus FS Credits on top of additional FS Credit purchases in the future and gain access to a range of benefits that we will be continually adding to over time. Read below and see the Membership page on the FS website for more details on what benefits you will now receive based on your support of Football Superstars!
Important Note : As part of this patch, player's previous purchases and subscription payments will be calculated into the equivalent number of membership points and the appropriate membership rank applied. Players who have purchased lifetime subscriptions will be automatically converted to Gold membership level at minimum, possibly higher depending upon any additional FS Credit purchases made.
Red Cards
Red cards have been added to FS! Players who incur two yellow cards in a match are now given a red card and automatically removed from the match and will forfeit all rewards for that match.
Yellow cards will now be awarded each time a player incurs a foul more than once within a two minute period.

General Patch Information

Post Match
A scaling membership bonus is now awarded on top of all FS Dollars, Experience Points and Fame Points earned in a match.
Journalist Interviews
A scaling membership bonus is now awarded on top of all FS Dollars and Experience Points awarded as part of completing an interview.
A scaling membership bonus is now awarded on top of all Fame Points awarded as part of purchasing a fame buffed drink or item.
PMC Management
PMC creation is no longer dependant upon subscriptions. PMC's can now be purchased by any player for 10,000 FS Credits.
PMC member rank promotion is no longer dependant upon subscriptions.
Gym Training
The 10% subscription price reduction on gym training has been removed based on the addition of the new membership bonuses.
Superstar Management
Gold members and higher now receive a number of free training sessions per day based on their membership level.
Multiple gym training sessions can now be purchased in one transaction.
A bug was fixed where Pass Timing would sometimes not be trained correctly in Football Training.
Match Gameplay
The standard kick power bar is now disabled in Top Down View when the targeting line is activated, kick power is now determined by the length of the targeting line instead.
The targeting line in Top Down View will now only change to red / shooting mode when in the opponents half.
The targeting line in Top Down View will now be hidden after performing a kick or registering a preload. When the targeting line is not active, a player will kick in the direction he/she is heading. If a player is facing the goal and within the opponents half, then a full power shot action will be taken with either the low or high kick buttons.
User Interface
The main toolbar at the bottom of the screen in the lifestyle world now matches the new GUI look and feel.
The pop up advertising window has now been integrated into the main FS world select screen.