Men of War: Assault Squad v1.81.2 Patch

Added new Panther 3d model
Added new Achilles 3d model
Added new M36 Jackson 3d model
Added new M4A3 Calliope 3d model
Added new Type 99 rifle 3d model
Added new Type 99 sniper rifle 3d model
Added new Type 99 light machine gun 3d model
Added Type 2 rifle
Added MP 3008 SMG
Added MP 28 30 rounds mag SMG
Added MP 28 50 rounds mag SMG
Added Type 2 SMG
Added the ability to plant cover to Japanese elite infantry
Changed shaders to be further optimized
Changed highlighting of selected units (credits to "L etranger")
Changed Home Guard weapon layout
Changed Japanese Stormtroopers weapon layout
Changed Kamikaze to have better stealth
Changed at-grenade of Russian assault SMG to RPG40
Changed auto-cannons to be separated from light AA guns
Changed medium AA guns to be separated from light AA guns
Changed Homeland Fury special unit to have 3 types of infantry
Changed U.S. Marines to carry M1 Garands instead of M1903
Increased smoke grenade duration from 60 sec to 90 sec
Increased smoke shell duration from 60 sec to 120 sec
Increased rate of fire of Grease Gun
Increased accuracy of Grease Gun
Increased volume of G43 and G43 scope
Increased range of binoculares from 150m to 180m
Increased range of flamethrower from 20m to 25m
Increased damage modifier of M12 Shotgun
Increased uncover range of hidden units slightly
Increased range of AA guns
Increased accuracy of Bazooka Jeep
Increased accuracy of 200mm rocket launcher
Increased accuracy of 300mm rocket launcher
Increased recharge time of M4A3 (105) from 18 sec to 20 sec
Increased damage power of 300mm rocket slightly
Reduced damage modifier of Thompson M1928 slightly
Reduced reloading time of M12 Shotgun from 5.0 sec to 4.0 sec
Reduced small arms damage modifier slightly
Reduced accuracy of M19 slightly
Reduced penetration power of Hetzer tank gun
Reduced reload time of Hetzer from 6.5 sec to 6.0 sec
Reduced information sharing range for vehicle AI from 80m to 50m
Reduced information sharing range for infantry AI from 80m to 35m
Reduced reaction time of AI from 0.5 sec to 0.25 sec
Reduced speed of IzuzuTX40 Mortar from 34kmh to 30kmh
Reduced speed of IzuzuTX40 AA from 34kmh to 30kmh
Removed repair kits from ammo trucks
Fixed missing shell ejection of cannons
Fixed missing sound of SdKfz 222
Fixed ammo start count of SdKfz 222
Fixed missing interface damage display of Black Prince
Fixed rear mgun limits of IS-2
Fixed faulty use of the MP41 by the German sapper team
Fixed 100mm AP shell to use AP mechanics
Fixed 100mm APCR shell to use APCR mechanics
Fixed 100mm HE shell to use correct 3d model
Fixed 100mm shell sizes
Fixed missing fuel barrels in Commonwealth ammo truck
Fixed missing texture of model trash
Fixed Japanese Home Guard icon
Fixed Japanese Fieldcap LOD
Fixed ammo start count of Iszuzu Mortar truck
Fixed M10Wolverine armour
Fixed missing APCR for Ke-Nu
Fixed limits of 150mm Type 96
Fixed a shader issue causing freezes on some GPUs when ultra shadows enabled
Fixed Wespe hit animation
Fixed Comet hit animation
Fixed M10Wolverine hit animation
Fixed Pak 38 damage animation
Fixed armor settings of M12 GMC
Fixed some vehicle textures
Fixed inventory ammo order of Ho-Ni I


Added 1v1 Road multi map
Added 1v1 Snow Church multi map
Added 2v2 Canyon multi map
Changed attacker to see both lines of defences in frontlines when attack starts
Changed planes to be not usable in 3v3 Frag Town multi map
Increased ANZACs to 10 men
Increased Marines to 10 men
Increased Brandenburger to 8 men
Increased Guards Rifle to 8 men
Increased command points of SU-122 from 5 CP to 15 CP
Increased command points of ISU-152 fom 5 CP to 30 CP
Increased price of Japanese Stormtroopers from 350 MP to 355 MP
Reduced price of P4G from 420 MP to 400 MP
Reduced price of P4H from 650 MP to 600 MP
Reduced price of Crusader from 360 MP to 350 MP
Reduced price of Cromwell from 400 MP to 375 MP
Reduced price of M4A3 Sherman from 500 MP to 450 MP
Reduced price of M20 from 200 MP to 180 MP
Reduced price of Chi-Nu from 420 MP to 400 MP
Reduced price of T34-75 early from 360 MP to 350 MP
Reduced price of T34-75 late from 420 MP to 400 MP
Reduced price of Flak18 from 750 MP to 700 MP
Reduced price of Hetzer from 550 MP to 500 MP
Reduced price of IS-2 from 1600 MP to 1500 MP
Reduced price of IS-3 from 2200 MP to 2000 MP
Reduced price of SU-100 from 1300 MP to 1200 MP
Reduced price of Ho-Ni I from 400 MP to 350 MP
Fixed a small graphic issue with the flag slave icon in frontlines
Fixed Winter Hills bridge to no longer break fully causing height-map issues
Fixed small map issues
Fixed crew member count on Ke-Nu
Fixed missing edifices on 2v2 Heights multi map
Fixed combat mode of 4v4 Lakeland multi map


Changed Maxim into Degtyarev mgun in Soviet missions
Changed unlocking of achievements so a higher difficulty will unlock a lower one
Changed infantry call-ins to clutter less and stay together when moving to ordered position
Changed map boarders to be more streamlined
Disabled night effects on [Soviet Union] Smolensk to improve performance
Reduced price of Flamer from 125 MP to 80 MP
Fixed some map elements on [Soviet Union] Smolensk
Fixed ammo type of PzKpfw 2 Luchs
Fixed T-34 in skirmish to have full fuel
Fixed AI not to shoot at unknown enemies (explosions etc.)
Fixed small map issues
Fixed some bad AI pathing on [Japan] Khalkhin Gol
Fixed wrong USA skirmish hint on mission start (English localization)
Fixed some localization issue in Japanese missions (English localization)