Star Ruler v1.0.7.2 Patch
[Fixed] New treaty notification icon was not disappearing when opening the empire window.
[Fixed] Ship build cost would not appear in the hover information on planets with no empty slots.
[Fixed] Holding shift while clicking a top bar button would not correctly open a new window of that type.
[Fixed] Automation orders did not import from exported designs.
[Fixed] Could not select the shipyard world governor in the planet window.
[Fixed] Large odd numbers of flags in the race customization window would make the last flag disappear.
[Fixed] Divide by zero crash when adding 4 or more shipsets.
[Fixed] Automatic blueprint updates would reset automation orders.
[Fixed] Heavy Hull level was too high, causing it to have much more hitpoints than the other hull types.
[Fixed] Negative mood did not display correctly in the planet window.
[Fixed] Items in the pinned list would still display after returning to the main menu.
[Fixed] Random freeze/crash caused by a deadlock. Frequently appeared when lots of scouts were auto-exploring at the same time.
[Fixed] GUI Elements could disappear in some situations (chat box when working in the layout window, scrollbar in system window).
[Fixed] Shipborne factory systems would use up resources even if there was no place to store what was being fabricated.
[Fixed] Fixed a bug in multiplayer clients that would cause weirdness and instability.
[Fixed] Planetary bunkers weren't correctly absorbing damage.
[Fixed] Fixed timestamps on saves being off by one hour (or worse).
[Changed] Object list's filter box is now case-insensitive.
[Changed] Added Ere4s3r's corrected smoothing groups to the Neumon.
[Changed] Cargo storage no longer always unlocks Armor at level 4 by paying the link cost.
[Balance] Reworked Coolant System to cause more significant increases in weapon firing rates, but also dramatically increase running costs for the connected weapon.
[Balance] Flak range and delay now scale the same as all the other weapons.
[Added] "Declare war if this treaty fails" clause. If the treaty fails due to either party having insufficient resources, declare war now.
[Added] "End all existing treaties" clause. If accepted, all previous treaties are nullified.
[Added] "Ammo lifetime damage" stat to detailed statistics page. Shows how much damage a full load of ammo can do before being depleted.
[Added] "Supply Resource" automation order. Used for tankers to automatically supply ships with fuel.
[Added] Added an automatic patcher. Downloads and runs necessary patches automatically. Access by clicking 'Check for Updates.'
[UI] Making the research window small enough now hides the queue.
[UI] The empire window now loses information in the top area more gradually when resized down.
[UI] When hovering over a system, the name is colored the same as the ring.
[UI] The top left ticker now displays research rate.
[UI] Holding shift while pressing the import button in the blueprints window attempts to import all designs in the profile.
[UI] Blueprints in the planet and system windows can now be sorted.
[UI] Blueprints sort can now differentiate between ascending and descending.
[UI] Add option to sort planets in system window by name, slots or governor.
[UI] Link icons in research window are hidden on zoom levels smaller or equal to 0.30x.
[UI] The top left ticker displays research progress by coloring the text from left to right.
[UI] Percentage complete is now shown behind the name of the current building item in the planet window.
[UI] Added a "Continue" button to the main menu, which will load the newest save (including autosaves).
[UI] F7 will now open the civil acts window.
[UI] F10 will open the escape menu without closing any windows. (Used to be F12)