Men of War: Assault Squad v1.85.3 Patch

Added M4A4 Sherman
Added M4A4 Firefly
Added StuG III G
Added StuH 42
Added new explosion effect for 105mm shells
Changed Stosstrupp special ability to Sturmtrupp
Changed Vsync to be enabled by standard (reduces camera stuttering)
Changed shadow settings to normal by standard (reduces issues some GPUs have)
Changed Ho-Ri I and II to have maximum gun range
Changed Sten V silencer to have have less uncover effect when firing
Changed Nagan PB to have less uncover effect when firing
Changed knives to have no uncover effect when being thrown
Changed sound system of vehicles to not loop exhaust sound (credits to Phazon)
Changed Goliath to be more stealthy when moving
Changed all tanks to have full fuel load on start
Changed sound to be played in fog of war
Changed accuracy curve of Sturmtiger to be linear
Changed all weapons to have more accurately simulated accuracy according to aim circle
Changed inventory of Scouts
Changed visuals of mguns in interface
Changed fuel can of tanks to carry additional fuel
Changed tank mguns to be displayed in inventory only when they are AA-mgun
Increased AI priority to target tanks
Increased minimap icon sizes
Increased animation speed for switching some small arms by infantry
Increased animation speed of jumping over fences
Increased animation speed of tossing grenades
Increased animation speed of healing/finish healing so running away works better
Increased animation speed of getting to cover when a grenade lands nearby
Increased animation speed of hand to hand combat
Increased accuracy of Churchill AVRE
Increased accuracy of Ho-Ri I and II
Increased accuracy of Super Pershing
Increased shell damage of shells sizes 37mm to 85mm
Increased penetration power of Ho-Ri I and Ho-Ri II gun
Increased knife throw speed
Increased at-rifles accuracy
Increased barrel fuel load from 200 to 500 liters
Increased repair time of medium tanks
Increased small arms weapon switch speed
Increased reload time of Churchill AVRE from 75 sec to 60 sec
Increased damage modifier of StG44 slightly
Increased the range of flame tanks from 30m to 35m
Reduced recharge time of IS-2 and IS-3 from 15 sec to 12 sec
Reduced high explosive resistance of sandbags
Reduced mgun rotation speed of Hetzer slightly
Reduced specular of Panther slightly
Reduced accuracy of mguns
Reduced accuracy of carbines
Reduced damage modifier of mguns
Removed mediumbig shell size (85mm)
Reworked the accuracy during movement mechanics for all vehicles
Reworked the accuracy mechanics for tanks
Reworked the accuracy mechanics for small arms
Reworked the vision system
Reworked the unit path finding (credits to Ty2903)
Reworked explosion effect system
Fixed squad interface to display all squad members
Fixed SdKfz 251 accuracy setting for movement
Fixed Japanese tank mguns to have accuracy decrease when moving
Fixed vision settings of Churchill Mk. VII, AVRE and Croc
Fixed vision settings of Jagdpanzer IV
Fixed some vehicle vision bugs (credits to Ty2903)
Fixed some vehicle bugs (credits to Ty2903)
Fixed a bug with PPSH accuracy
Fixed vehicles getting stuck on tramways
Fixed vehicles getting stuck on coaster tanks
Fixed that AI was leaving Japanese ammo trucks when under fire
Fixed some erroneous reports in the gamelog
Fixed volume of Type99 LMG
Fixed a specular map issue of the QF 6
Fixed some building props
Fixed some mipmap levels for textures
Fixed mguns of black prince to be BESA
Fixed volumes of Mk2 Matilda


Added ranked games
Added steam leaderboards
Changed netcode to improve performance
Changed M4A4 FireFly class from heavy to medium
Changed mgun display in unit info menu
Increased chat message size
Increased MG42 timer from 30 sec to 60 sec
Increased price of ISU-152 from 1200 MP to 1400 MP
Increased price of T-34-76 late from 400 MP to 420 MP
Increased price of MK2 Daimler from 220 MP to 240 MP
Increased price of M24 from 360 MP to 380 MP
Reduced price of KV-85 from 760 MP to 750 MP
Reduced price of ZiS 30 from 360 MP to 350 MP
Reduced price of Su-76 from 360 MP to 350 MP
Reduced price of Su-85 from 560 MP to 550 MP
Reduced price of KV-1 from 560 MP to 550 MP
Reduced CP of M4A4 FireFly from 30 CP to 15 CP
Fixed small map issues
Fixed combat mode on 2v2 Canyon multi map
Fixed camera settings on 1v1 Winter Church, 1v1 Road, 2v2 Canyon
Fixed scores of Churchill Mk VII
Fixed scores of Comet
Fixed camera clipping on Canyon


Changed fog of war to visually uncover by allies as well
Reduced AI accuracy on easy, normal, hard for 10%
Fixed flamer price on some missions
Fixed small map issues
Fixed tank crew members flying out of tanks