Pro Cycling Manager 2011 v1.0.1.1 Patch
- Fixed : (a rare bug) when the player asks the first rider of his sprint train to sprint, the train breaks apart and all the riders start to sprint individually.
- Fixed : escapes win too easily on flat races. The peloton doesn't ride fast enough in closing kilometres.
- Fixed : riders set off again too quickly after a fall or a puncture
- on flat terrain, using the Keep Position order on a rider inside a relay paceline now makes the rider keep his position behind the paceline.
- Fixed : if the player forgets to supply a rider with water and has not given him any order for a long time, the rider decides to supply himself when he is very thirsty
- Fixed a rare crash that could happens when you hit F2 (profile display) during the replay
- Update : new 3d model for Passolo frames
- Fixed : some animations are now smoother and have updated hand positions.

- Allow transfers during interseason, when the sponsor ends at year+1.
- Fixed : some Pro Teams were asked to send a Wild-Card request in a few CTT races (including Roubaix, Flèche Wallonne...) where they should be invited automatically.
- Fixed : some memory leaks in career.
- Fixed : national championships are not counted as important races on the "Magazine" page
- Fixed : a rider who was 2 times consecutively national champion was not properly set.

- Fixed : rider and team in a list change colour on mouse over or click.
- Fixed : end of text cut in some interface screen
- Fixed : wrong sponsor textures on secondary sponsor and custom teams
- Fixed : text alignment on favourite races
- Fixed : area of interest for sponsor (country VS region)
- Fixed : purple texture on Detailed simulation during TTT (showing teams instead of riders)
- Update : track page (HUD is hidden and the leave button is placed at bottom-right)
- Update : minor updates of the GUI in Season Mode.
- Fixed : transparent categories on archives
- Update : switch the tab colour state active/inactive

- Add news items to the bottom part of the main page in Multiplayer.
- Fixed : minimum number of player to create a game was sometimes different from player's settings.
- Chat update
- Fixed : add friend popup
- Confirm invitation with Enter.
- Add stage profile to the creation of a game.
- Activated rejoin launched games
- Ladder point score are now take in account even for players who leave a game before the end
- Fix bug where a player choosing for a team in lan mode could be frozen
- Add : events in the chat : join/leave/kick are now announced
- Add text to inform which team was chosen by a player

- Fixed : achievement title 'career' in Spanish
- Fixed : title for 'information' in tables.
- Update : minor changes in German and Italian localisations

- Fixed : Rider's status (in his information pop-up) was always displayed as "sprinter" on stage/race mode.
- Use Profile Name instead of asking for a new name for LAN games.
- Fixed : "Yellow Jersey" Achievements could be unlocked by winning a single stage of a Tour.
- Fixed a bug where you could not reload properly a saved-game if you manipulate the .cdb file manually from an user to another user.

Add Rui Alberto Costa (Movistar Team)
More past performances listed for continental races
Several minor adjustments (rider's attributes)