Hearts of Iron III: For the Motherland v3.04 Patch
- fixed issue with auto peacing out when using default fallback goal
- fixed issue with GiE effect taking temporary control of friends provinces which could make them surrender
- fixed issue with mixed scripted goals not firing in correct order
- fixed crash in theatre view when theatre lackshq unit (like luxemburg)
- Moved some VPs in FIN around.
- LIT no longet gets Polish land from Molotov–Ribbentrop pact.
- added text for population_crisis
- better check on when SOV can demand eastern Poland
- set some missing Molotov–Ribbentrop flags in SOV's history file
- End of winter war event should fire only once
- Added missing provinces to western france region
- Fixed nuclear effect to be positive (heavy water and uranium tooltip).
- Fixed exploit - it is now impossible to manually cancel rebasing order when the unit is already on it's way.
- fixed possible crash in wargoal listing on diplomacy view
- we surrender message now pauses by default
- fixed issue with much too aggressive starting laws
- GiE will now peace out properly from event spawning war goals
- SCW victory event now has correct text and sets Madrid as capital
- Fixed tutorial - incorrect tabs was highlighted in all tutorials, except basic.
- Fixed tutorial - it was possible to close the tab with keyboard numbers, leaving empty rectangles and arrows.
- Fixed shortcuts in tutorial, so using F1,F2,F3,etc is locked, the same as corresponding buttons.
- add wargoal effect tooltip now always display correct involved countries
- fixed random crash with deleted expeditionary forces in invasions
- province tooltip in political mode also shows terrain type
- coups now replace ruling party also
- coup is much harder vs someone in a faction
- if in faction when suffering a coup you drop out of any faction and ideology alignment change towards the coup's mastermind.
- threat mission a bit stronger
- Fixed "Undeclared War Region effect" description, so it doesn't require $REGION$ tag which was missing.
- Fixed AI Garrison management bug, causing the units shuffle around between the provinces forever.
- Fixed bug - constructing unit as reserve, save and reload caused that practical ability bonus was applied without "modifier reserve penalty".
- Fixed the deployment view, so the scrollbar value is remembered when deploying multiple units.
- fixed issue where supply would be drawn from capital instead of acting capital when capital is under enemy control
- End of winter war event should fire only once, I mean it this time
- Choosing to continue the WW adds the annex goal
- add wargoal cooldown reduced to 1 month
- the_continuation war2 has title/desc (same as the_continuation war)
- coups no longer end wars
- Align towards faction modifiers now have text