Heroes of Newerth - Master of Arms Guide
Introduction: Master of Arms is a carry hero that has one of the most versatile skill sets in the game. Helpful to have on any team, he brings a stun, knock-back, snare, armor debuff, defensive shield, and offensive speed boost to the fight; but as a hero of choices, he doesnít get all of that at the same time! The mark of a good Master of Arms player is knowing the tools you have available and using the correct skill at the appropriate time. Do you stun or knock-back? Do you hit them with lightning or coat them in acid? Do you attack quickly for lower damage or slower for higher damage?

All of these choices and more define who Master of Arms is and we are excited to see what he can do in the hands of a great player.

Hero Overview: Master of Arms is a ranged Agility carry hero who has a reliable stun, good area damage, and can take advantage of certain item builds like no other hero. Each of his abilities are actually two abilities. Which one you have access to depends on which weapon you are wielding!

Weapon Enhancement (E): The first and only 5-level ability in the game, you start with one point in this ability for free and using it switches between your two weapons: the Pulse Cannon and the Repeater. Adds 0/8/16/24/32% Base Damage and 0/25/50/75/100 Attack Range for the Pulse Cannon. For the Repeater, leveling this adds 100/200/300/400 Attack Speed, your Attack Damage is halved, and you can only shoot 12 shots before needing to reload.

With Pulse Cannon
Charged Shot (Q): Target a unit to deal 75/125/175/225 Magic damage and apply a 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8 second Stun.
Forked Lightning (W): Target a location to shoot Lightning that deals 70/140/210/280 Magic Damage and applies a 1.5 second 80% Tapering Slow. The first target hit causes it to split into two more. The Lightning splits three times total.
Master's Call (R): Target an allied unit to give them 75/125/175 Movespeed, 50/75/100 Cast Speed, and 50/75/100 Attack Speed for 5 seconds

With Repeater
Blast Shot (Q): Deals 70/130/190/250 Magic damage and blasts the target up and 500 units away from the Master of Arms
Acid Bomb (W): Target a location to lob an Acid Bomb there, rolling and spreading Acid an additional 800 units away from there. Acid lowers Armor by 2/3/4/5 and deals 20/40/60/80 Physical Damage per second. Acid lasts for 8 seconds.
Master's Call (R): Target an allied unit to give them a shield that absorbs 250/350/450 post-mitigation Damage. Lasts 10 seconds.

There is no cooldown between switching weapons, so you can always swap to appropriate skill at the right time.
The Pulse Cannon will be your main weapon early until you get good items later in the game.
Using Charged Shot followed by Forked Lightning makes for great easy to use burst.
Blast Shot can throw enemies over cliffs, so you can position yourself to kick someone out of a fight or down into allies.
Nullfire Blade, Savage Mace, or Charged Hammer are examples of items that let the Repeater shine!
Masterís Call functions like Homecoming Stones in the way that you can target the ground or the minimap and the ability will automatically find the nearest allied hero from where you clicked, casting either the shield or the boost on them. This lets you have quick reactions and save someone in another lane without having to move your camera all the way over there.

Recommended Items:
Nullfire Blade
Shrunken Head
Savage Mace
Charged Hammer
Geometerís Bane