Men of War: Assault Squad v1.97.7 Patch

Added ISU 122
Added PPSH41
Added M50 Reising
Added Lewis Gun
Added Type99 at-rifle grenade dispenser
Added Type99 at-rifle grenade
Added Satchel Charge
Added HDM OSS pistol
Added new ISU-152 3d model
Added new grenade F1 3d model
Added new grenade M24 3d model
Added new grenade M24x4 3d model
Added new grenade M39 3d model
Added new grenade M61 3d model
Added new grenade MK I 3d model
Added new grenade N73AT 3d model
Added new grenade PWM 1 3d model
Added new grenade RGD33X3 3d model
Added new grenade RPG40 3d model
Added new grenade RPG43 3d model
Added new grenade Type 4AT 3d model
Added new grenade Type 3AT 3d model
Added new grenade Type97 3d model
Added new grenade Type99 3d model
Added new grenade Type99 Magnetic AT 3d model
Added new grenade Smoke 3d model
Added new grenade Molotov 3d model
Added new Dynamite 3d model
Added new Medkit 3d model
Added new Bandage 3d model
Added new Sandbags inventory 3d model
Added new Allied flamethrower 3d model
Added new Axis flamethrower 3d model
Added new at-mines 3d model
Added new ap-mines 3d model
Added new body armor 3d model
Added orientation points on the minimap
Added highlight of selected units on the minimap
Added tracer display on minimap to follow engagements easier
Added updated unit icons to fit new inventory items
Added accuracy boost on bazookas when shooting at same location multiple times
Added new camera move functions (use direct control movement keys when direct control is disabled to move camera)
Added the option to set camera rotate button
Added additional Mouse button support
Added new mgun sounds
Added new smg sounds
Added shell fx to all small arms
Added unit is repairing marker
Added unit collected ammo marker
Added user keys setting obsolete protection
Changed fortifications of HMGs
Added new portrait icons
Changed US Sappers to carry M3A1 instead of Thompson
Changed US At-miners to carry M3A1 instead of Thompson
Changed US AP-miners to carry M3A1 instead of Thompson
Changed Soviet Sappers to carry PPSH41 instead of PPSH
Changed Soviet At-miners to carry PPSH41 instead of PPSH
Changed Soviet AP-miners to carry PPSH41 instead of PPSH
Changed dynamite to explode when hit by an explosion
Changed support infantry to have SMG unit icons not bazooka/at-rifle/flamer etc.
Changed some infantry icon hierarchy settings
Changed single units to have a health icon display on the left interface
Changed color of health icons
Changed penetration values of at-rifles to be more streamlined
Changed enter-able sewers to be open on start
Changed US airborne to carry satchel charge instead of dynamite
Changed Soviet tank commander to carry ppsh41 instead of pps43
Changed flamethrower effect to be less hardware demanding
Changed unit icon hierarchy for better interface layout
Changed riflemen to carry additional 50 mgun ammo
Changed elite infantry grenades to be more balanced
Changed unit group colors
Changed projectiles to disappear much later than before
Changed AT-grenades to blow up when getting hit by another explosive
Changed bloom slicer to on/off box
Changed flare gun to require radio
Changed inventory of scouts
Changed hedgehogs to be placed closer to each other
Changed direct control modifier key to be assignable
Changed inventory of regular squad leader
Changed inventory of assault squad leader
Changed a few ground hit effects to be less system demanding
Changed reload sound of single bullet at-rifles
Changed Royal engineers to carry M50 Reising
Increased ammo of all mgunners to 900
Increased speed of unarmed gun-carriers from 18km/h to 20km/h
Increased speed of armed gun-carriers from 15km/h to 18km/h
Increased speed of Black Prince from 11 km/h to 13 km/h
Increased speed of Churchill AVRE from 12 km/h to 13 km/h
Increased explosion timer of dynamite from 6 sec to 7 sec
Increased uncover radius of officer binoculars
Increased heavy ammo call-ins of officer from 1 to 5
Increased sandbags build time from 10 sec to 15 sec
Increased range of at-jeep from 30m to 40m
Increased amount of ap mines of engineer trucks from 30 to 60
Increased accuracy of all light howitzers (75mm)
Increased penetration of M3 Grant
Increased penetration of Chaffee
Reduced HE shells of all at-guns to 5
Reduced DShk rotation speed
Removed AI shooting at unknown
Removed inventory of basic crates
Removed inventory of stuff crates
Removed ability of nettings to fetch grenades
Removed flare gun from officers
Removed flare gun from scouts
Removed shields from KV-1
Removed camouflage skin of T-34-57
Removed unnecessary key bindings in options (it's recommended to reset key bindings)
Removed enforced stationary firing on isuzu mortar truck
Fixed active mines not showing up as such
Fixed royal engineers icons
Fixed rotating of M30 howitzer
Fixed rotating of HMGs
Fixed M19 turret volumes
Fixed the loading of APCR when using the interface to switch
Fixed missing sound of flare gun
Fixed damage display of stationary 61k AA gun
Fixed Oerlikons inability to shoot at planes
Fixed a buggy human model volume
Fixed dynamite not burning when thrown
Fixed M12 GMC max range
Fixed close firing range of KV-1
Fixed an issue that 3, 5, 7 etc. clicks were not counted as double click
Fixed unsmooth camera movement with keyboard
Fixed range display of Panzerfaust
Fixed inability to repair M4A3R2 Croc main gun
Fixed an incorrect bump path for Hummel XX
Fixed small texture error on Bedford engineer truck
Fixed missing muzzle effect for Type 4 75mm AA
Fixed missing reload sound of DS39
Fixed some potential crash causes


Added unit score display to Assault Zones (Hover mouse over unit and press Shift)
Added display of friends and foes in multiplayer lobby
Added ranked trust rating to multiplayer (gold = good, silver = ok, red = bad, grey = unranked)
Added ranked balance protection
Added display of player numbers in team games
Added display of total online users
Added chat spam protection
Added multiplayer pointer spam protection
Added special units call in groups (buying one resets timer of group members)
Added new icons displaying special unit groups
Added AT-riflegrenade squad as Japanese special unit call-in
Added chat team/global function
Changed HMGs to have double price in "no tanks" mode
Changed Jeeps to have double price in "no tanks" mode
Changed unit points to display real value more accurately
Changed Isuzu Mortar truck special unit call-in to a regular unit
Changed units to spawn as squad no matter the size in multiplayer
Changed heavy AA guns to be limited 1 per player
Changed trains on Lakeland 4v4 for better balance
Increased points per flag on frontlines from 250 to 500 and 500 to 1000
Increased recall timer of HMGs from 120 sec to 300 sec
Increased re-call timer of light AAs from 120 sec to 300 sec
Increased re-call timer of mortars from 120 sec to 300 sec
Increased price of officer from 160 MP to 200 MP
Increased CP of scouts from 5 CP to 8 CP
Increased CP of radioman from 6 CP to 10 CP
Increased CP of flamer squad from 5 CP to 6 CP
Increased price of Oerlikon from 160 MP to 170 MP
Increased price of IS-3 from 2000 MP to 2200 MP
Reduced Goliath special points from 2 to 1
Reduced CP usage of Charge! special attack
Reduced Charge! special points from 3 to 2
Reduced price of KV-1 from 550 MP to 500 MP
Reduced price of T-34-57 from 550 MP to 500 MP
Reduced price of At-Jeep from 160 MP to 150 MP
Removed maxim from Charge! special attack
Fixed ranked match box overlapping with password confirmation
Fixed points display of support weapons in "no tanks" mode
Fixed some wrong unit points
Fixed minimap of 3v3 Crossing
Fixed a bug with Goliath explosion during spawn protection
Fixed that you could add a friend to blocked and vice versa
Fixed multiplayer pointer sound to no longer appear for the other team
Fixed small map issues
Fixed camera boundaries in Day of Victory


Added a bleeding out feature so knocked out soldiers die after a while when not revived
Added unit is bleeding out marker
Changed medic to carry a single morphine kit
Changed destroyed units to disappear earlier in order to increase performance on long lasting skirmishes
Changed KV2 to ISU122 in defence skirmish
Fixed edifices on [Japan] Okinawa
Fixed some wrong inventories
Fixed some vehicle crews weapon animations in defence skirmish
Fixed some water display in defence skirmish
Fixed small map issues
Fixed some broken passenger seats