Afterfall: InSanity - The Beginning
Following the World War II and its inconclusive outcome, the world's most powerful superpowers signed a series of treats, that were thought to secure long lasting peace for mankind. Despite all the assurances of amity and cooperation, past grudges remained. The dawn of the XXI century saw the world seemingly united, even under the banner of organizations like NATO. But at heart, the world was divided - the status quo retained solely by fear of nuclear power. A Global Cold War lasted for 67 years, resulting in an unprecedented arms race and the development of advanced defensive measures - such as Project "Afterfall" in the Polish Republic.

Military research on proton accelerators commenced by the Fourth Reich, resulted in the creation of a new generation of WMDs - the fusion bomb, weapon of unsurpassed destructive power, that made traditional nuclear warheads look like cherry bombs.

On the twenty first of December 2012, a plane codenamed Flight 826 was to transport a shipment of this new explosive material, known as "Entropy" to the Spanish wastelands in order to tests its potential. The plane never reached its destination; it plummeted into the English Channel. The specifics of the incident are unknown, though rumors ranged - from technical malfunction, to it being shot down by RAF or an unsuccessful hijack attempt by the IRA. Whatever the cause, the crash resulted in the most powerful explosion to date. The Benelux countries were eviscerated in an instant, the blast reaching as far as Northern France and South-Western England. However, before fire consumed Western Europe, military warning systems went off and fingers on the buttons got twitchy. Conventional and nuclear missiles launched into the air, headed for strategic targets across the globe. The III World War erupted and came to an end before even a single soldier took up arms. There were no victors.

When the sirens started wailing across the Polish Republic, military and government officials knew that only one hope remained - a secret network of Shelters built under Project Afterfall. Civilians fled towards military installations for safety. But not everyone made it in. The unlucky ones could only watch helplessly as the reinforced doors of the Shelters closed, condemning them to a quick death in the nuclear fire or the slow agony of radiation sickness.