Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2 v1.2
1.2 Fixes
- crash sorting OVR on transfer screen
- fixed 2D screen so court will scroll on smaller screens so side stat box can stay visible
- fixed bug where almanac page doesn't change the display of champions
- fixed bug where recruits hang up and you can't see final response
- fixed the overall speed of loading many of the screens
- added button to recruit page based on suggestion so that you can set any filters first and then sort
- fixed initial default roster file to reset proper rivalry games
- fixed hotkeys on recruit calling page
- fixed bug with promotion/relegation teams moving incorrectly

1.1.1 Fixes
- Fixed error with box scores not showing
- Fixed in game sounds
- Fixed problem when changing rival resulting in multiple games (will only be fixed if you have not changed rivals. If you have you can fix this problem by going through the other teams and seeing which ones have you as their rival and changing their rival to none - that's assuming the schedule has not been generated for that season)
- Fixed crash looking at rosters as commissioner

1.1 Fixes
- GUI work on screen redraws and widgets blocking screens
- Changed weekly incident emails to show specific incidents (this is still a work in process and will get additional messages)
- Speed enhancements
- Fixed endless loop during coach hiring
- In game sounds should work properly now
- Photos should show up properly when recruits move to teams
- Fixed crash trying to choose photo for lineage coach
- Changed roster screen on sub screen to show EN for all players
- Fixed bug not allowing plays to be called on media time outs