Under Siege v1.02 Patch
- ADDED: Antialiasing in both 720p and 1080p display modes
- ADDED: Players can now continue the campaign from any level they have already finished, instead of only the last
- ADDED: The maximum number of players in local and online play has been increased to 4
- ADDED: New multiplayer maps supporting 4 players
- ADDED: New 2 player cooperative map
- ADDED: New option to disable edge scrolling when using the PlayStation Move controller
- ADDED: Timers and counters in the editor can now be set to visible for specific teams
- ADDED: Additional sound effects in the editor
- ADDED: A lot of new country flags for the player profile

- CHANGE: Player units now only pursue nearby enemies up to 5 meters from the position ordered by the player, and return there after either killing the enemy or if they get too far
- CHANGE: Cooperative maps are unlocked from the start
- CHANGE: Fog of war is now animated and better looking
- CHANGE: Player units in casual difficulty receive less damage
- CHANGE: Players in casual difficulty receive double the gold from killing enemies
- CHANGE: Unit level now affects skill cooldown
- CHANGE: No longer necessary to reassign the navigation controller to slot 1
- CHANGE: Improvements to deadzone handling
- CHANGE: Bigger font for dialog balloons
- CHANGE: General performance improvements and shorter load times
- CHANGE: Unit balance adjustments
- CHANGE: The first few levels of the game were rebalanced to make the game more accessible to new players

- FIX: Improvements to online performance
- FIX: If the player loses a unit, restarting the level now correctly resets the "Survivalist" trophy

- Several minor adjustments and fixes