X3: Albion Prelude v1.1 Patch
New Features and Improvements:

- Added various performance optimisations
- Made several balancing changes to improve gameplay
- Reduced excessively loud weapon/explosion sounds
- Improved missile friendly fire behaviour
- Push effect of "push" lasers now uses falloff
- Player missiles now immune to bullet damage for 2 seconds after launch
- Reduced missile spam from missile boats
- Improved missile barrage command for M8 ships
- Out-of-sector combat fine-tuned for better simulation
- Game now uses a wider range of combat music tracks
- Valhalla's jumpdrive will no longer jump to gates (because it's too big!)
- M8 ships now considered more powerful than M6 ships for mission balancing
- Reduced excessive Stock Exchanges profitability
- Graphs show zero lines for X and Y axis if values above and below zero are present
- Improved behaviour of Home and End keys in menus
- Wider range of quotes used when starting a plot game
- Added localised Loading screen messages
- Improved target rectangle scaling at high screen resolutions
- Steam achievements can now be obtained while in offline mode


- Fixed slowdown over time caused by missions (existing savegames should speed up too)
- Fixed crash when jumping in-sector while player ship turrets are firing
- Fixed freeze caused by RRF script priority conflict
- Fixed claiming of abandoned ships
- Fixed Terran Complex Construction Kit
- Fixed handling of war objects that are boarded
- Fixed OWP firing at targets that have been captured
- Fixed turrets "losing" weapons when going out of sector
- Fixed default shield on Lasertower
- Fixed missing docking slots on Kyoto
- Fixed Pike so that it can now carry shields it can fit
- Fixed price of Griffon Sentinel
- Fixed Traveller achievement
- Fixed several Stock Exchange bugs and exploits
- Fixed sector blacklists for Mk3 traders
- Fixed OOS mining not working
- Fixed various minor issues with marines, fleets and RRF
- Fixed custom menu selection for certain menu items
- Fixed incorrect mod path
- Fixed global parameter for number of missiles in a swarm
- Fixed interface animation speed when running SETA