Cobalt v1.02 Alpha

Jet shoes are now additive instead of reaching speed. Jet shoes can be used while rolling in the air. While using jet shoes while rolling, you will slow down your roll a lot making you vulnerable, but it also gives you very interesting control mechanics.
Throwing has been reworked. Charge time is now variable depending on how long you press which makes it snappier, throwing will try to push the throw towards your actor trajectory, giving more power over throw direction, as well as throwing in itself is more physical making up/down/backwards and strange middle of roll throws possible.
reworked scope to be a bit more useful, as well as giving a little better bullet time bonus.
auto aim now doesn’t snap back and forth frantically. If you have auto aimed against a target, and it goes behind a wall, you will keep aiming towards the last visible position.
Rolling now slows down reloading by a significant amount..
Simply moving against a conveyor belt will now move you, even if you are not grabbing it like a wall grab.
Added more upgrades to slugger revolver, slugger cobra, slugger pipe and slugger breacher.
Slugger revolver now starts as it should with no extended barrel, so there are now 2 levels. Tweaked it so that starting point is lower than normal, and ending point with max is higher than before.
Tweaked all upgrade prices so that more expensive guns have more expensive upgrades. This is because I want it to be less obvious to get them, so that alternative spending possibilities are considered, and also follow better with the economy that you have when being able to afford expensive guns.
increased price of matter army issue from 250 to 275.
switched price of spike bow and price for spike bow repeater
Sliding backwards up walls is now possible.
Made air rolling backwards as easy as rolling backwards.
Changed weapons on smooth jazz.
The Plus can now be moved with explosions and applied force.
Bomb is now called Thermal Bomb and has had its effect reworked. It is now not instant kill, instead it has damage over time. This makes is less good against tough foes like hamsters and predators. It will also not instantly kill you with shield but will wear your shield down faster than normally. Cost is 50 Volts.
Stick Grenade and Grenade now cost 15 instead of 16.
Improved the handling of the boomerang, also made it harder to hit with bullets.
Tweaked waves in survival house, as well as added 3 new tiers.
Added color blind modes to compensate for Protanopia, Deuteranopia and Tritanopia.
Reworked bird movement to be more fluent.
Added bird wing and breathing sounds and animations for when out of energy
Activated tile physics can now hurt actors!
Elevators can now crush enemies if squished by them.
Increased reload times for bird and shroom as well as lesser recoil recovery speed.
Altered layout and weapons and ai paths on cannon arena.
Missles have slightly more bullet time associated with it.
new map by frall called voodoo!
Safest Gate has been extended
Klonk now deals a small amount of heat damage


Blowing up by a bomb no longer screws up the next life.
Fixed crash with trying to join a controller with a removed preset
Plasma assault upgrade names
Fixed stage selection loading everything too early.
Shop windows could be outside of level
laser pointer getting smoke as laser pointer.
fixed enemies being included in the aim over mechanic cause you to raise the gun above enemies instead of pointed against them.
Bounced and deflected projectiles now correctly generate bullet time
Fixed left gas bouncer in position on windy valley.
Added repair broken weapon ai.
Fixed hanging cords gathering speed invisibly, making them jump like crazy when activated. This would often make them render incorrectly too.
Max upgrade level upgrades could be left in the upgrade bench.
Did some optimizations for larger scale actor and ai code which in practice should mean smoother fps at later survival tiers.
Fixed not being able to arrange bots into teams a second time without restarting the game.
Sound at volume 0 now actually doesn’t play the samples. Also, made the sound volume curve exponential so that it has greater precision at low values.
Strange rolling down wall and then not being able to slide up it again bug fixed.
fixed buying weapon, buying upgrade, and then buying the same type of gun again.
improved transition to main menu with transparent menu disabled.
fixed upgrades not being buyable with many of the same gun. Still a bit iffy, but at least it works.
added suicide distance ai to grenades.
Bots should not drop plug for the purpose of throwing it against projectiles now.
Hud elements are now adapted to screen resolution which fixes things like shops being outside of the screen.
reload animations to shroom and bird.
shroom not sticking to ground after punch anymore as well as wall climbing more reliable.
the switches for the doors on the survival maps are now only usable by players.
fixed mouse being visible when it shouldn’t