Nation Red Patch 3 February 2012
- Chinese version of Nation Red now available
- Added a new radial comms. menu (default binding: 'z'). This makes it much quicker to ask for help, indicate powerups, etc
- Your Perk mode is now saved between games. For example if you always use Auto Perk mode, you will never need to set it again.
- All achievements are now enabled in on-line and local coop.
- Mission stats (unlocked mission and earned mission stars) will now also be saved on Steam's Stats servers. This will make them browsable plus makes it unlikely your mission progress can be lost.
- On-line games where the host has selected Auto Perk and Shared Xp will now give correct level up time to other players
- Weapon balancing: M107 reload time has been reduced by 35%. Damage from M240B, Uzi/Dual Uzi has been increased by 15%. AK47, Beretta 93R and M4A1 damage increased 10%.
- Dead zombies can now drop powerups outside the map area if at least one of the players has a Powerup Hook/Snare perk.
- Some boss tweaks: Minigun and AK47 boss' armor and spawn rate has been reduced. Brawler's armor has been slightly increased. Ak47 Boss firing rate has been slightly ramped up on later levels/waves. Melee Bosses have slightly increased armor.
- Console can be activated with ~ or ` keys
- Player will no longer jump when using the controller to select a perk in coop
- Powerup Hook and Snare further fine-tuned in on-line coop
- Players with Lone Wolf in coop will no longer be able to pull or snare Sentry Gun and Ghost perks
- Fine-tuned the cursor crosshair position on screen (was slightly offset)
- You can now cancel the in-game chat box with ESC
- The game will automatically pause and unpause in Single Player or Local coop if you bring up the Steam interface
- ESC button at the bottom of the screen is now clickable
- New 500K and 750K kills achievements have been added to sit between the existing 250K and 1M achievements.
- Double Experience powerup now also doubles Auto Experience points during the powerup
- Added better menu navigation with controller. Auto Perk mode and Player classes in Single Player can be edited using a controller.
- AK47 Machine Gun boss kill Xp has been increased
- On-line Warehouse Barricade mode: zombies will be able to break down the fence faster according to the number of players
- Fixed Player Class Icon not changing on some machines
- Added achievement tracking bars for a few achievements which could not be tracked
- Sound looping (clicking) bug in on-line coop has been fixed
- Setting the music volume to 0 (zero) will completely stop streaming music which may increase performance on some slower PCs
- Fixed AK47 Boss sometimes getting stuck on Bridge Barricade
- Several other smaller bugfixes.