Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict GOLD v1.01 Patch

Carriers that are in Fighter mode will no longer self escort if intercepted, only if they are in Mix mode (Bill R.)
Rockets can now once again be transported (Kurt)
swapped units are no longer fully committed so long as their action points are > 1. A swapped unit is now reduced to 1 AP and will be able to attack or move 1 AP if it is able to (Bill R.)
fixed a supply calculation error from ports that did not properly look at enemy control tiles (Bill R.)
fixed a Graphs section MPP charting error (Marc)
fixed several recently introduced DoW errors
fixed a swap unit move error that allowed you to upgrade/reinforce after attacking
fixed a campaign listing error in the SELECT CAMPAIGN dialog
fixed a replay turn error that would cause a CTD (rjh1971)
fixed an AI naval unit movement error that allowed it to move through enemy ports such as Gibraltar
fixed an 'Across River Attack' penalty formula error (Amadeus)
fixed an end of turn MPP calculation error
fixed a National Morale Objectives map display error (Dan)
fixed a unit movement error when the minor unit's parent withdraws from the war (Bill R.)
fixed a TERRITORY script error for countries that are completely overwritten by a new or alternate entity (Bryan)
fixed a surrendered MAJOR convoy transfer amount calculation error (Al)
fixed a rare combat error when left clicking to attack a unit
fixed a swap unit error for 3D Paratroops that had the unit change into a Transport icon (K Man)


DE 619 and 620 no longer dependant on France having been liberated (Bill R.)
Chinese Infantry Warfare increased to 125 MPP
Italian and German IT cost reduced to 100 MPP
Japanese IM increased by 5% to 65% from 60% (Bill R.)
British naval units that arrive in India via DE 112 now arrive as UK units (Bill R.)
adjusted a weather zone on the island of Hakodate to match more evenly so that the entire island has the same zone (Bill R.)
Italy now starts with 65 MPP up from 30 MPP (Bill R.)
Mountains, Tropical Mountains, Towns, Cities, Capitals, and Fortifications all dropped to 1/1/1 for their Air, Bomber and Carrier defence bonuses. Fortresses dropped to 2/2/2 (Bill R.)
added several new Japanese National Morale events for the losses of Okinawa, Iwo Jima and for the Atomic Bomb drops (Dan)
fixed a Chinese MPP income bug
fixed a POPUP announcing the death of Sikorski that had a Chinese flag (Bill R.)