Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy v1.10 Patch

This v1.10 patch of CM Battle for Normandy requires the original 1.00 or 1.01 version of CM:BN to be installed and activated. Other non-Battlefront versions may not be compatible with this patch.

After installing the patch correctly, you will NOT be required to activate the game.

Save games from v1.00 or v1.01 ARE COMPATIBLE with v1.10, provided that you save your turn-based games in the COMMAND phase (not the replay phase) before upgrading

Due to the potential of conflicts with pre v1.10 game Mods, we advise uninstalling any mods prior to installing this Game patch. Mod authors may need to update their mods using the v1.10 strings.txt embedded into the new "Version 110.brz" file.

PC (Windows XP/Vista/7)

The v1.10 patch MUST be installed into the same directory where the full version of the game resides. The patch installer will attempt to select the correct default for you, but if you moved the game files manually, or on certain systems, this automatic selection may not be 100% fail safe. Please doublecheck the installation location BEFORE installing the patch and make sure that you are installing into the correct directory.

MAC (SnowLeopard/Lion)

The v1.10 patch will prompt you to select the correct location of your v1.00/1.01 game application. Make sure to select the correct subfolder, if any!

* This patch will update your CMBN game to v1.10, which includes many enhancements and improvements. Below is a list of some of the new v1.10 game features.
* Soldiers make better use of demo charges against vehicles at close range.
* When vehicles bog down, it's now more likely to be temporary.
* Corrected a problem where gunners would sometimes aim too low and repeatedly hit intervening ground short of the target.
* Computer-player troops automatically take additional stored weapons and ammo with them when dismounting from vehicles.
* Halftrack gunners will "sit" when the vehicle buttons up.
* Dispersion pattern of mortar shells is more realistic.
* Dismount command may be given to multi-unit groups.
* In campaigns, units won't go into the next battle without a leader due to a previous casualty.
* Enemy mortars are a little easier to spot when they fire.
* Corrected a problem where frame rate could affect the cover offered by buildings.
* Vehicles are more likely to button up when they take a crew casualty.
* Computer player is more effective at breaching walls and bocage.
* It's more difficult to suppress the occupants of a bunker.
* Targeting an enemy unit by clicking its icon works properly when some LOS is blocked.
* Corrected a problem that caused deployed soldiers to move around too frequently, especially inside trenches and buildings.
* Corrected some problems with soldiers moving across narrow bridges.
* Corrected a problem that caused halftracks sometimes to refuse to move across wall breaches.
* Pre-battle intelligence icons don't slowly fade during setup.
* Scenarios load faster when 3D Texture Quality option is set to Balanced or any faster option. If you notice any decrease in visual quality, simply increase this option one level higher in quality.
* New editor feature lets you move flavor objects around more easily. In map preview, ALT-click on a flavor object (Option-click on the Mac) and the next map click will place the (previously) ALT-clicked object at the location of the second click.
* Single barbed wire units remember their facing in the editor.
* In the editor, when units are purchased they will try to set up by default inside friendly setup zones if the zones have already been created.
* Made changes that should reduce the occurrence of Out of Memory crashes.
* Allowed for the use of up to 4GB of RAM, dependent on the user's operating system and settings.
* Corrected a problem where units driving near ditches would bog too easily.

* Moving vehicles fire their weapons with further reduced accuracy.
* Spotting ability of buttoned-up vehicles is further reduced.
* Fixed a graphical bug that could cause a Puma crew to rotate outside the vehicle.
* Vehicles that lose an unbuttoned crewman to small-arms fire are more likely to pop smoke and/or retreat like they typically do when the vehicle itself takes a hit.
* Armor penetrations through a vehicle's main gun mantlet are not reported as hits on other locations.
* Hit text for projectiles that enter an open vehicle hatch says "Hit: Opening" rather than turret or hull.
* Corrected a rare problem that could cause tank drivers to remember "threat locations" for too long and rotate the vehicle inappropriately.
* In a campaign game, if a tank is in working order but its crew is decimated, the tank will not appear in the next battle only to immediately become "knocked out" due to having a decimated crew.
* Rhino vehicles are additionally available in August.
* Fixed a bug that prevented ricochets off a Panther lower mantlet into the hull top (though this intentionally remains rare).
* The glacis/hull-roof armor plate on the Tiger front is thicker.
* SPW 250/9, SPW 251/9, and SPW 251/10 halftracks will button up under fire like most other vehicles do.
* PSW 222 crew is now commander/loader, gunner, and driver.
* PSW 222 and PSW 223 are capable of firing weapons after losing a crewman, and have slightly improved commander's visiblity when buttoned up.

* Troops hiding in trenches or foxholes get better protection from shrapnel.
* Concealment in foxholes is increased.
* Corrected a problem that protected soldiers when a wall was behind them, but not enough when a wall was in front of them.
* The distance between a soldier and bocage where the soldier may see through the bocage is slightly shortened.
* Direct hits do more damage to trees.
* Trees are less likely to block large projectiles consistently.
* Tree placement remains precisely consistent each time you load/play a particular scenario.

Quick Battles
* Corrected a problem that sometimes switched attacking and defending sides.
* The unit auto-purchaser is improved.
* Air support may only be purchased during daytime with clear or hazy weather.
* The "Random Service" option works properly.

* Artillery is a little less precise.
* When a forward observer cannot see where spotting rounds impact, he will usually require another round to be fired rather than skip ahead to fire-for-effect with poor accuracy.
* Corrected a problem that sometimes caused artillery missions targeted near a TRP to "prepare" indefinitely.
* Pre-planned missions for on-map artillery won't ever use spotting rounds.
* Corrected an accuracy problem that could affect the first rounds of pre-planned artillery strikes using the Line pattern.
* White phosphorous (smoke) does not cause unrealistically high casualties.

Soldier Behavior
* Soldiers are less likely to use SMGs at longer ranges.
* Soldiers are less likely to fire on exposed tank crew.
* Soldiers can spot anti-tank mines (in addition to anti-personnel mines).
* Corrected some problems with mortars in direct-fire mode.
* Soldiers are less likely to use explosive weapons for area-fire at very short range.
* Soldiers won't set up heavy weapons on the precise edge of the map.
* The TacAI pays a bit less attention to unarmed vehicle targets.
* Soldiers aim better when area-firing into an immediately adjacent building.
* Corrected some problems with soldier placement around heavy weapons in foxholes.
* Soldiers are quicker to stop attempting to surrender if friendly soldiers are nearby and enemies are not.
* HMG assistants can cower under fire like the rest of their team.

* Troops may throw grenades from buildings at open-topped vehicles.
* Grenade throwing obeys covered arc orders.
* Grenades won't roll through building walls.
* Bridge Pathfinding
* Corrected some minor pathing problems across bridges.
* Troops are more willing to move across nearby fords rather than use distant bridges.

Anti-tank Guns
* Antitank guns won't attach to vehicles that are too small to tow them.
* Corrected a problem that potentially allowed an antitank gun team to move the gun into a building.

User Interface
* Keyboard camera controls are smoother (Windows version).
* When placing troops in a building during setup, if you click on a soldier or its icon (instead of the building) to set the destination, it won't cause the moving troops to float in midair.
* Trenches and barbed-wires "remember" their rotations if moved to a location that is not adjacent to other trenches or barbed-wire.
* When attaching targeting orders to a waypoint, the range display is calculated from the waypoint, not the unit's current location.
* Corrected a problem with area-targeting a non-occupiable roof of a building.
* Clicking Exit or New in the Editor brings up a confirmation dialog.

* Less framerate is devoted to showing wind blowing through trees.
* MP40 ammo pouches display correctly on German soldiers.
* Fixed a disappearing "gable" on a couple of barns.
* Updated US rank icons.
* Fixed some out-of-memory problems.
* Adjusted the point values for bunkers.

Mac specific v1.01B fixes
* The install works properly on Lion
* Various Keys work properly.
* The install instructions are easier to understand.
* Number pads should perform as expected.