Star Ruler v1.2.0.0 Patch
[Fixed] Fix being able to trade research back and forth infinitely.
[Fixed] Fix colonizers with weapons never firing at anything.
[Fixed] Fix crash related to buildings being destroyed in OnGlobalDamage events.
[Fixed] Fix crash when planets marked for autocolonization get destroyed.
[Fixed] Batched ship construction orders would not repeat correctly.
[Fixed] Rally points on dry docks would not save.
[Fixed] Fix some inaccuracies in the german translation.
[Fixed] Fix engines never activating when boarding a disabled ship.
[Fixed] Fix importing blueprints with no automation orders resetting to default automation.
[Fixed] Fix crash related to loading transfer orders.
[Fixed] Fix player-controlled ships in the galaxy not being visible when joining an MP game in progress.
[Fixed] Rennovating the same structure multiple times will now only occur once. (Duplicates will be removed when they are started)
[Fixed] Many simple data types in scripts were calling destructors needlessly.
[Fixed] Many simple data types in scripts were also using reference counting needlessly.
[Fixed] Fixed a crash in treaties.
[Fixed] Possibly fixed mousing over objects that weren't near the cursor.
[Fixed] Fixed star surface animation on newer NVIDIA drivers.
[Fixed] The Automate Research setting was not being saved if there was no queued research.
[Fixed] AIs are smarter about trade-per-second agreements.
[Fixed] Fixed some abusable aspects of the trade-per-second agreements.
[Balanced] Repair rates on nano armor are more sensible now.
[Balanced] Reverse inductors and Mind Sappers now use correct level scaling so they aren't uncounterable.
[Changed] Planetary shields now block chemical bomb damage to population.
[Changed] Updated AngelScript to the most recent version.
[Changed] Shields now wobble less and are less opaque until attacked.
[Changed] Improved error reporting for missing shader constants.
[Added] Added AngelScript JIT compiler! Significantly improves the performance of many aspects of the game, leading to generally improved framerate.
[Added] Added two new race portraits courtesy of Hazzard!
[Added] The Particle Editor and Model Configurator now have customizable backgrounds (see Game Data/EditorBackgrounds.txt), and can return to the main menu and quit from the interface.

Quick note for modders: Script classes may no longer have a method and member named the same. I'll be checking for this in the major mods and letting you know if there's any compatibility concern long before the patch goes out.