Anno 2070 v1.04 Patch
The most important changes in overview:

Notepad function implemented
Rival Third Parties will got to war against one another
DLC-related awards will only be included in the overall count if the corresponding DLC has been activated
The "Dock" building is now much cheaper to both build and operate
The sawmill produces more slowly
Goods depots' Surface-to-air missiles do more damage
Tornadoes occur more rarely
Skylar Bane's World Council actions have been rearranged and significantly increased
Seamus Green's World Council actions have been rearranged, with some weakened and some strengthened
Underwater Oil fields have been significantly increased at all levels of difficulty
A bug was fixed which led to own games being flagged as „Other game” and therefore certain achievements not being unlocked.

Further changes and bug fixes:

NPC Ark Trading ships destroyed by tornadoes now respawn after some time, ensuring that the player still has a partner for passive trade
Fixed an exploit occurring during trading with third parties per Drag&Drop
The lumberjack now being correctly processes the "Summer Tree" decorative element
A bug which led to interface elements being shown in the main menu whenever the game was paused has been fixed
Ships on trading routes no longer automatically take on quest-related items such as the boarding crew
Sound effect for placing a Summer Tree was corrected
In the description of the ornamental building "Reflection", the statue is now properly referred to as an "ornamental building"
Collision detection has been optimized for ornamental buildings
The Keeper and Guardian buildings are now correctly referred to as "Ecobalance buildings" in the building interface
Quests in the "Friendly turn" category designed to support the player when at war with any other third party now count as failed as soon as the player makes peace with that third party (Applies to "Fleet expansion," "Reinforcements", "Cannon fodder" and "Asymmetrical warfare")
After a multi-player game had been lost, the button "Start new scenario" was mistakenly displayed, which led to subsequent errors. This has been fixed
An error in the loading screen which occurred when players joined a multiplayer game directly from another multi-player game has been resolved
A rare error was fixed where the mouse pointer was not displayed while loading certain scenarios and world events
Ark contents were sometimes lost when switching between online and offline mode, and when loading a saved game from the other mode. This bug has been corrected.
Contents unlocked using Tech Career points no longer bear the Eco Symbol in the "Bonus Content" menu
An error in the visualization of sequenced movement and attack commands has been fixed
A bug was fixed which could lead to the game looking as if it were accelerated when a player had enabled time acceleration while simultaneously inviting a co-op partner to their game
The volume of the Related Designs Jingles at the start of the game has been reduced
It is no longer possible to move the camera during the introductory sequence of the Bonus Mission "Return to C.O.R.E."
Animation of the damage to the pirate base when bombarded by a long-range missile has been improved
Diplomacy menu improved in co-op games
A rare error has been fixed which led to the population not consuming any more tea after a savegame loaded
Audio feedback revised for certain quests
Several small quest bugs were fixed
Several text errors have been corrected
Several improvements in chat and when adding contacts
And much more.