World of Mercenaries
Game overview
Play as a mercenary aiming at fame & fortune in a highly competitive AAA free to play FPS.
Fight along and against other mercenaries in a fast-paced environment, using conventional weapons and innovative methods!

Key Features

Unleash your talent
In this truly skill based FPS, navigate immersive maps using different play styles and tactics! Without any act of randomness here, enjoy the game your way - whether you’re a hardcore competitive gamer, or a casual fan of the genre playing with friends.

Go for teamwork
Work together with your team and support each through complementary skills. Teamwork is one of the game’s core elements, and will get you higher rewards. Play with your friends, access a huge gamers’ community, get all the advantages and security you can already access and trust via your Steam account!

Make it your game
Just a couple features that will make it your own true experience:
Detailed weapon customization truly making a difference
High degree of freedom through a great array of special movements
Load-out customization, matching your style of play the best

In a nutshell, immerse!
Identify Different types of load-outs with their own specificities for varied game styles
Customize Virtually unlimited array of customization options for character and weapons
Build It becomes your own game style, your experience evolves according to your tastes and choices
Immerse AAA quality maps and fluid controls powered by Unreal Engine 3
Make it last Enhanced uniqueness for your character as you progress in the game
Share Steam, forums, social networks, we are making it seamless for you to enjoy team play and social interactions!

Enjoy FPS, your way, for free.

Product Specifications:
Publisher: City Interactive
Developer: City Interactive Bucharest
Engine: Unreal 3
Closed beta: TBA
Category: Free to Play First Person Shooter
Platform : PC
Target: Men 14-34, hardcore gamers and FPS fans