World of Mercenaries Q&A
So I hear you are curious about WoM

What is World of Mercenaries about anyway
World of Mercenaries is a AAA free to play FPS for PC, where you play the role of a mercenary in search for fame and fortune.

And how is WoM different from the other games around?
We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise, but here's a little preview: highly customizable weapons, varied maps to immerse in through use of your skills and fluid commands, and extensive social features!

Why did you start developing it?
Before being game developers, we are FPS fans. We have been playing this genre since its beginnings, and we were feeling there was a lack of AAA free to play FPS around. The competitive ones, skill based. So! Here it is!

Is WoM a “Pay to win” game ?
No, it is not. Unlike most free to play shooters on the market we are dedicated to build a skill based shooter where everybody has a fair chance of doing well.

When does World of Mercenaries come out?
Patient you must be, fierce mercenary!

And practically?

What is a closed beta?
It's usually the first time in the development process of a game when people get to play and provide feedback to the development team. Due to technical constraints only a limited number of people can play the beta.

What is the easiest way for me to access the game?
Go to to create your account and request a beta key, following the steps indicated on the website. Once you have received you beta key, all you have to do is connect to your Steam account and download the game from there.

I already signed up and it's been a while. Will I ever get a beta key?
We can only have a certain number of people that can play the game in this stage but the number grows constantly so you may receive your key a bit later than others. The beta won't be over soon so don't worry, you will get your share of the action!

What does it mean for me to participate in the beta?
Mainly all you have to worry about is playing the game as much as possible, but obviously as much as you want. Since it's an early stage of development we are still implementing new things in the game as well as tuning existing ones. If you have any opinion about anything game related don't think twice about expressing yourself. Get vocal on the forums, on our facebook page and tweet us!

How much will it cost?
It’s freee!

What if you want more!

How can I stay up-to-date with the latest World of Mercenaries news?
The World of Mercenaries website homepage will hold all the latest news about releases, fixes, contests and anything we find useful to share with you. You can also check our forums, our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.
Some useful links:

How do I do to talk to you?
You can reach out to us via the forums, our Facebook page, our Twitter account, and any praise sent by pigeon will be much enjoyed!

Do I get anything cool for participating in the Closed Beta?
The privilege of one day saying "hah WoM? Yeah I know it I started playing in beta" and get both admirative and jealous looks from your peers! But don't worry, we will also throw in some goodies.

I want to play the game with my friends.
That is exactly what we are looking for! When signing up for a beta key, you received yours as well as an extra one to gift a lucky partner. So pick wisely (or not) and have fun!

I love the game so much I want it all over my computer. More give me more!
Check out our Media section of the website for some awesome concept arts and screenshots, and be sure to like our Facebook page for exclusive goodies!