Age of Decadence Public Beta R2

- Thugs do not get assured criticals against Vardanis in the drifter vignette.
- Fixed issues with the character creation screen at resolutions lower than 768h.
- Fixed issue with map locations staying between sessions, even if you didn’t know about them.
- Fixed issue with Persuasion and Streetwise check with Mercato in MG3.
- Failing to convince Antidas in MG2 with the fake proof now properly closes the merchant path.
- Fixed commercium reputation check in MG2, when taking the “Mercato” path.
- When failing to convince Antidas in MG2 with the fake proof, you appear in the correct place after leaving the palace.
- Fixed issue with cage in Bandit Camp not being empty when it should.
- Numery armor can be decomposed.
- Fixed issue with the guards stopping you all the time when you killed just one civilian.
- Fixed an issue when you complete MG2 if you had 7 intelligence.
- You can no longer select hidden responses with the keyboard numbers.
- Fixed problems with corpse/loot collision at the vignettte’s inn.
- You can no longer get 3 SP more from the refugees if you kill them.
- Cado properly takes the gold when he takes care of the bandits for you.
- The dialogue with Zenon doesn’t break the camera anymore.
- Fixed issue with character not appearing in camera when failing the disguise check in TG2.
- Fixed issue with barricades not appearing correctly if you loaded a save at the barricaded mine.
- Fixed issue with collision of invisible barricades.
- Fixed bug with map travelling out of the outpost after killing the workers.
- Fixed issue with health damage when going over the barricade in the mine.
- The inkeeper no longer is tagged as doctor in dialogue.
- Fixed issues with the visibility of the prisioner at the camp.
- Camera no longer zooms in after combat.
- At the mine, the Daratan Captain and soldier no longer stand in the same place when you talk to the captain, leave and go back to the mine.
- You get the rubys as described on the part at the bedroom in the infiltration.
- Fixed issue with Darabus giving you money instead of taking it in the infiltration under certain conditions.
- Fixed issue with not being able to cure stat damage if your HP was full.
- Categories letters in the journal screen are no longer deformed.
- Fixed minor journal issues.
- Map icons no longer stay lighted up after selecting them.
- Fixed issue with being able to talk to Cado and Mercato about help with MG2 after the quest is finished.
- Hand slot update after stat damage.
- Fixed several lag issues in combat.


- You now have 5 more skill points to spend in character creation.
- Intelligence bonus SP now it’s only applied on quest rewards, as you get them.
- Skill threshold changed from 50/75 to 50/70/90.
- Trading base value now takes into account intelligence.
- Combined checks now check for the sum of both skills (with a low min requirement), so you can compensate lack of skill points in one skill with the other one. For example, a check that was [aod.persuasion >= 36 && aod.streetwise >= 32] now is [(aod.persuasion + aod.streetwise >= 68) && aod.persuasion >= 30 && aod.streetwise >= 28].
- Faster zooming.
- Made clear which quests are not in the demo.
- The majority of the Critical strikes checks now have more outcomes than “kill or be killed”.
- New THC formula that favors builds balanced in offense and defense.
- THC bonus from weapons reduced from 10 to 8 and from 5 to 4.
- Small daggers fast and normal max damage increased by 1 point.
- Manica doesn’t accept techniques other than different metals and masterwork.
- 2H axes now have 2 points vsDR.
- Wooden sticks no longer have THC bonus nor Counter Attack bonus.
- Pickaxe has no longer have passive bonus.
- Buckler has an attack penalty of 5.
- Hardened armor now has 3 levels instead of 5.
- Lowered the difference between min and max damage for all weapons.
- The differences in weapons inside the same tier (shamshir and handar, for example) are now one that has more raw damage, and another that has more THC and counter chance.
- Nets reduce defense 20 points instead of 30.
- Perception and distance factored in nets THC. Also throwing influence is bigger.
- Dodge characters get a bonus to avoid AoO attacks, allowing characters focused on dodge to move around the battlefield more.
- Free defenses are based on dexterity and AP limit set by armor. Low dexterity and heavy armor characters get tired faster and get a penalty to defense when defending a lot within a turn. High dex, lowly armored character keep their full defense for longer.
- Strength now give a % increase instead of a fixed bonus. Ranges from -20% to 40%.
- Perception THC bonus changed, increases/decreases 4 points per stat point.
- Masterwork armor is getting a boost, now it decreases penalties much more, from 25% to 80% of the total amount.
- Increased the price of nets to 75 imperials.
- Iron price increase changed from 2.5x to 1.5x.
- Added two new items: Climbing hook and rope with grappling hook. Climbing now is a combined strength + dexterity check. Climbing hooks lower the bare handed requirements. Ropes rely on throwing (grappling hook makes the check easier) and then a small strength + dexterity check to climb.
- Changed the armor of the guard in the Kebab thief quest to bronze.
- Increased price of schematics.
- The blacksmith one time sells bronze, wood and leather.

Quest Changes:


- There is now a slide before starting the vignette, introducing the town and your background.
- You don’t start the vignette in dialogue anymore, but in a enclosed area with minor interactions. You can save, check your gear, etc.
- Added options to buy equipment in the assassin, mercenary, thief, merchant and drifter vignettes.
- The straight attack option has been changed to “Reload the crossbow while the guard is mustering up his courage.” You will take a few steps back, reload your crossbow, and have time to prepare for the attack of the guard.
- The assassin now gets 2 nets and an iron sefet (small dagger) by default.

Bandit Camp

- You no longer get directly into dialogue the first time you visit the bandit camp.
- When you send the raiders to attack the mine, now you have a chance to spend SP, check inventory, etc.
- Leader’s armor is no longer lightened.
- Changed one of the archers armor from auxiliary to barbari.

Mining Outpost

- Added a new way of dealing with the mine, in which you poison their supplies. Assassins get an extra option here.
- Changed the captain’s armor from steel to iron.
- Changed many of the armors there, giving them a more “romans from middle-east” look.
- Increased the defense of the soldiers, while slightly lowering their attack.
- Gave all shield soldiers an spare shield.
- Changed gladius for an Axe for the soldier that greets you.
- The captain now uses a 2H sword.
- Changed the sword of one of the interior guards, giving him a Handar instead of gladius.

Palace Infiltration

- Falling down the wall in the back of the palace doesn’t cause a game over.
- Some CS have partial successes in which you kill the NPC but get severely wounded.
- Now you are actually taken to the torture room when you fail some of the checks (especially disguise ones), and there you have a chance to get out alive if you didn’t kill any guards.


- Added a new quest that deals with Feng and Cassius, that comes after the vignette.
- Added an unique, non-combat way to deal with the mine.


- Moved it to after the new quest regarding Feng.


- You no longer get into combat with Mercato if you fail cheating him and the charisma check. You can get him into debt with Cado in this path.
- There is now a sinergy between trading, persuasion and streetwise in the options, and charisma affecting the difficulty of the checks.


- Added synergies and charisma affecting checks with Antidas and in the infiltration.
- Forging the proof now requires lore, and you can try it again if you fail the lore check and your perception is good enough.
- You are not forced to craft a forge when you get Carrinas writing.
- You are not forced in a dialogue with Antidas as soon as you get the evidence.


- Added synergies and charisma influence to the checks with Mercato and Antidas.
- Removed the trading check that came after selecting streetwise/persuasion in the first node.
- You are not forced in a dialogue with Antidas as soon as you convince Mercato.


- You now can engage the enemies on your terms. You don’t start in fight mode, away from them and can use that situation to equip yourself or attack them from a distance.
- Killing your party members nets no SP.
- Made the stats of the guards a little better.
- Changed the starting positions in the fight with the recruits.


- You are healed before leaving for the tower.
- You can convince a soldier to distract the guards if he respects your fighting reputation (combat and body count). Also, the charisma check is higher there.
- There is an attack option for ranged characters.
- You HP gets fully healed if you have CON damage.


- Improved the skills of the regular guards a little.


- There is now a sinergy beween disguise and stealing when trying to get the mandate.
- Combined speech checks with the guards and Flavius now have sinergies between them.
- You can convince Flavius if you are a liegeman of House Daratan.


- Added a lore check to creating the re-direction letter (so now it’s perception + lore, perception modifing the lore amount required). You can try it again later now if you fail.
- You are no longer forced to go get the ring after successfully forging the letter.
- Getting the ring allows you to bypass the disguise and speech skills checks when stopping the caravan.
- When dealing with the caravan using disguise and no ring, in the checks there is a sinergy between disguise, streetwise, persuasion and charisma.
- Killing the lone guard in the warehouse has a sinergy between sneak and critical strike.


- Now you can try both speech options with Flavius. Also, they have a synergy with charisma (the higher your charisma, the easier the check).
- When dealing with the mob, trying to lure them to the inn checks for disguise and streetwise, with a sinergy between them.
- When bullshitting the guards, there is a synergy between disguise and streetwise.
- Thieves have a better stock of arrows, and will use piercing arrows against armored soldiers and barbed ones against unarmored opponents.
- You have the option to get away from the gate guards when choosing the start the fight.
- You no longer stay in front of Bracchus when ambush him using the intelligence option.
- You no longer stay so close to the ambushers after going through the wall.
- Reduced the skills of the ambushers a little.


- Added a new encounter with a gang in the slums.
- Added a character you talk to in the graveyard.


- Added the option to leave screens by pressing the same key that you use to enter it.
- You can access the crafting screen by pressing R.
- You can switch between screens with the hotkeys (from inventory to character screen, for example).
- More buttons with sounds.
- Better formating for the description text in the character screen.
- You can resize and move the textbox in the main gui.
- Added synergy and background description to the character creation screen.
- Added tooltips to the tabs.
- Q and E now rotate the camera.
- Character creation is now tailored to resolutions between 900h and 1080h.
- Added new dialogues screens, with bigger fonts, darker background and better formatting.
- Anisotropic filtering now also affects all weapons, armors and some minor items.
- Now you get a rank if you are part of a faction.
- Notices in dialogue (text between *) now are centered and with a different color.
- Added expanded dialogues about the world with the Inkeeper and Feng.
- Now there is a list with all locations on the right side of the map.
- Now there is a menu from which you can select which bodies you want to loot when 2 or more are in the same place.
- Added sitting animations to filler characters.
- New look for the lorica segmentata.
- All screens fit higher resolutions better.