ORION: Dino Beatdown v1.1 Patch
01 - Restructured Dinosaur Waves completely
02 - Fixed Dino World Spawners (Orange Triangles)
03 - Add the ability to purchase a respawn (2500CR on Easy, 5000CR on any other difficulty)
04 - Fixed Gladiator Buggy handling & suspension
05 - Fixed Gladiator Bug where you couldn’t aim down
06 - Added Server Browser Filters (Full, Empty, Passworded) (More to come)
07 - Added Server Browser Sorting
08 - Reduced T-Rex health by 25%
09 - Reduced Rham health by 25%
10 - Modified Difficulty Levels
a - Easy mode now gives double credits earned
b - Hard mode spawns more dinos and dinos have 2X Health
11 - Increased Melee Damage
12 - Added New Achievement Icons
13 - Fixed Crash: Server Browser bug on hitting refresh, stop and connect buttons.
14 - Added pop-up window when you cannot connect (with proper reason)
15 - Fixed Phantom Player bug causing servers to show up as full when they’re not
16 - Raptors now attack buggies properly
17 - Fixed T-Rex spawn bug that was causing WAY too many of them
18 - Changed death noise for each Dinosaur
19 - Changed Hit Impact audio for successful hit
20 - Fixed replication bug that was making generators appear smaller than they should
21 - Touched up lighting on Generators
22 - Decreased credit earning for killing a Rham to 400
23 - Made kill assist points based on dino credit score instead of 100
24 - Relocated Wave Incoming UI to use the TIP Tool Bar (Top-Left)
25 - Increased time between waves from 10 seconds to 30 seconds
26 - Fixed FOV bug when a player tries to set a custom value
27 - Fixed mouse sensitivity slider.
28 - Fixed volume sliders.
29 - Fixed other general menu UI bugs.
30 - Added a Video Option for increasing the draw distance on grass & foliage
31 - NumPad keys can now be bound with NumLock on.
32 - Right CTRL and SHIFT are now bind-able.
33 - Fixed an issue with some users experiencing extremely blocky (retro looking) graphics.
34 - First Person Legs now affected by Healing and Cloaking effects.
35 - Altered the way players exit a VTOL. Should greatly reduce instances of players falling through the map.
+ Other small and general fixes and touch ups.