ORION: Dino Beatdown v1.1 Dedicated Server
1. Download and extra the DinoBeatdownServer.rar file anywhere on your harddrive. It does not require steam to be running, but if steam is running it will still launch and you can still play on your account;

2. Navigate to your DinoBeatdownServer/Binaries/Win32 folder and locate UDKGameServer.exe. This exe is designed to run a light weight server that takes up very little resources.

3. Right click the UDKGameServer.exe file and create a shortcut. If you want to create multiple servers on one machine, you will need a new shortcut for each one.

4. Right click the newly created shortcut file and choose properties.

5. Under target is where you will need to put all your fancy commands.

6. The most basic setup is to just add a map name to the end of the target line. You can choose either SGSDS-World-Depth, SGSDS-World-Eden, or SGSDS-World-Covan.
For example: If I wanted to create a server on the map covan, my target would look something like this
C:\UDK\DinoBeatdownServer\Binaries\Win32\UDKGameSe rver.exe SGSDS-World-Covan

7. Doing it this way will use default values for the ports, which are 7777, 7778, and 7779 so make sure those three ports are open if you want people to be able to see your server in the browser and be able to connect to you.

8. If you want to use other ports, add the -Port=1234 command. This will always use the port you set, and the next two ports following it. So ports 1234, 1235, and 1236 will be used in this example
C:\UDK\DinoBeatdownServer\Binaries\Win32\UDKGameSe rver.exe SGSDS-World-Covan -Port=1234

9. If all you want to do is create one server that you and your friends can play on, this will be enough, but if you want to open multiple servers, continue below.

10. UDK allows us to use one installation to run mutliple servers, each with different settings. To do this we use the -configsubdir command. This command will create a new folder inside DinoBeatdownServer/UDKGame/Config of any name you want, typically I use Server1, Server2 etc.
C:\UDK\DinoBeatdownServer\Binaries\Win32\UDKGameSe rver.exe SGSDS-World-Covan -Port=1234 -configsubdir=Server1

11. To edit the server values, navigate to DinoBeatdownServer/UDKGame/config/Server1 and edit the PCServer-Game.ini file, the only real important setting is server name in that file

12. If you're like me and your computer has multiple network cards, or you want to make sure that the server is bound to a specific ip use this command -multihome=

13. Also when using multihome it's good to use -nohomedir and -unattended to make sure everything runs smoothly.

14. Here's the final command I use to host some servers --- C:\UDK\DinoBeatdownServer\Binaries\Win32\UDKGameSe rver.exe SGSDS-World-Covan.udk -multihome= -Port=7988 -configsubdir=Server1 -nohomedir -unattended

15. You may notice that the ip i'm using is a local ip and not my public ip, the reason for this is because my router is forwarding all my ports to my pc with that address. Feel free to ask any questions below.

?AIDinosaurs=No or Yes (Orange/AI dino spawns on/off)
?Vehicles=No or Yes (Vehicle spawns and vehicle purchasing on/off)
?StartingBase=Alpha or Bravo or Charlie or Delta (blank will go random)
?StartingCredits=# (max of 5000 for credits, hard will default to 0) right now only works on medium difficulty, easy starts with 2500, hard with 0
?Difficulty=Easy or Medium or Hard