Crusader Kings II v1.05f Patch
- The invasion cb can now be granted correctly again
- The Pope now gets a significantly lower contribution score in Crusades
- AI: The Pope/Caliph will now be more reluctant to accept a White Peace when Crusading/Jihading
- The Metaserver should now work again
- Fixed a rare crash with sieges
- Changed the speed settings so they are all faster, except for max speed (level 2 is now level 1, etc)
- Added missing message text for calls of allies
- Added missing message text for offers to join wars
- No longer possible to usurp religious head titles, even if they have de jure vassals
- Tied together a few more cultural names
- Fixed more typos and database errors
- Fixed a bug where you could have duplicate laws due to the history scripts
- Fixed a bug with the event effects 'prestige' and 'health'
- Fixed a rare crash bug with very long war names (could also cause corrupt saves)
- Fixed a rare de jure assimilation issue when one character holds multiple kingdoms/empires
- Fixed an issue with de jure assimilation status not always being saved
- When events in multiplayer time out, the first VALID event option is now automatically chosen (rather than just the first option)
- Added some missing characters in Novgorod
- Fixed numerous relatively rare bugs causing unintentional independences at the end of wars
- No longer possible to declare wars while in revolt against your liege
- No longer possible to revoke titles off or imprison lower vassals in revolt against their liege
- No longer possible to ask for invasion against a liege or above
- Fixed some bugs with Crusade outcomes
- No longer possible to attach units to those owned by someone of a lower rank
- Fixed an asymmetrical hostility issue between revolting vassals of revolting vassals and the top liege
- No longer allowed to ask to join wars while in revolt
- Can no longer ask to join a war against a liege above your liege
- Fixed a bunch of event bugs
- Broken save games no longer crash the game when you open the save game browser, they are now marked as broken and cannot be loaded by clicking on them.