Drox Operative v0.901 Beta Patch
added Win7 to manual/website
fixed some anomaly text grammer (Roswitha)
fixed Planned Rumor text (Valgor)
fixed background shift on beta screen
now solving a quest at the planet doesn't close the window (Lyranaar)
increased BaseThrust from 40 to 50, will make player ships faster (just about everyone)
increased MaxSpeedTurnMult from 0.25 to 0.3, will make player ship a bit more manueverable
improve some goods wording and spacing (Lyranaar)
increased turn speed on new ship screen and shipyard (Mivo/Aganazer)
improved no active quests line to give hint of where to get quests (Mivo)
increased default miniMapAlpha from 0.5 to 0.9 (Steve/Eduardo X/Valgor)
added a quick tip about talking to races directly to get and solve quests (Castruccio)
fixed Prepare typo (Roswitha)
fixed thruster disengage option working even when thruster toggle option was off (NefariousKoel/kerzain)
added relations line to screens help topic and manual (Aganazer)
added a quick tip about starlanes and wormholes being along the edges of the star systems
now if thruster toggle is on, W will start and stop thrusters (NefariousKoel)
changed npcs to NPCs in one of the tool tips (Valgor)
removed reference to earthquakes in can shake screen tool tip (Valgor)
added an option to disable the intro movie (Valgor)
added a button to replay the intro movie on the main opening screen
fixed an Expansionist typo (DeathKnight1728)
fixed some Space Junk wording (Puce Moose)
added a player thrusters volume slider to options (Castruccio)
fixed lose time going negative (desophos)
fixed lose menu to fit everything correctly (desophos)
fixed technology being hidden when the hide crappy loot option was on (snow)
added wealth line to race rumor, propaganda, espionage, and sabotage screens (kerzain)
fixed If you're on the run typo (Roswitha)
fixed Stop by an ancient recharge station missing word (Roswitha)
fixed patience spelling (Roswitha)
fixed Space cradles great treasures typo (Roswitha)
fixed stranded crew sound
decreased SpawnChance of teleport anomaly from 10.0 to 5.0 (gornova)
doubled ballistic energy use to be comparable to beam weapons energy use over time
tripled missile, bomb, and mine energy use to be comparable to beam weapons energy use over time
decreased mine damage to 75% of missiles
decreased bomb damage to 50% of missiles
quests that start from delivery quests now use the correct planet (Valgor)
changed pay and sell price to 0 if crew has left
improved propaganda and sabotage complete failure text
decreased MaxShipGuards and MaxPlanetGuards by 1 each
increased MAX_ENTITIES from 3000 to 4000, should help running out of entities
relaxed entity purging rules, less likely to run out of entity slots (Krippakrull/Brian Rubin)
made text a little more clear can't use shared stash in semi-hardcore (transigent8)