Drox Operative v0.902 Beta Patch
added small icons to show what health/energy bars are on player menu and character screen
fixed thrusters repeatedly toggling on/off if you held the toggle key down (Chumpy)
reduced ballistics energy use to 70% more than beams (15% more efficient than beams)
reduced missiles/bombs/mines energy use to 180% more than beams (30% more efficient than beams)
reduced most weapons energy use 25%
increased chances unrest, riots, and rebellions get worse
reduced event time by about 30 seconds
doubled Faux Pas relation change
decreased GiftChance from 35.0 to 32.5
decreased Dryad GiftChance from 55.0 to 50.0
decreased ShipChanceDiplomat from 0.125 to 0.115
fixed mac patch instructions (thither)
added choice on new sector how settled the sector is (home planet only, early development, established, or random)
crew happier than 50 level up faster (the happier the faster) (Valgor)
changed the "max speed ever" wording (Valgor)
fixed a crash dealing with challenges and multiplayer (SoggyGravy)
improved screen size description (Valgor)
added a comma to gamma slider tooltip (Valgor)
added a couple commas to screen frequency tooltip (Valgor)
reworded zoom tooltip slightly (Valgor)
reworded anti-aliasing tooltip some (Valgor)
added a comma to detail models tooltip (Valgor)
added a comma to minimap alpha tooltip (Valgor)
fixed a spelling issue in hardware cursor tooltip (Valgor)
changed screenshot type to screenshot format (Valgor)
fixed a typo in screenshot format tooltip (Valgor)
reworded highest quality settings description a little (Valgor)
fixed a typo in sound device tooltip (Valgor)
reworded player's health bar tooltip some (Valgor)
reworded health bars tooltip (Valgor)
reworded use show items toggle tooltip (Valgor)
improved combat effects tooltip (Valgor)
changed world to planet in names tooltip (Valgor)
improved can shake screen tooltip (Valgor)
reordered show clock tooltip text (Valgor)
reworded show full player menu tooltip slightly (Valgor)
reworded client data rate tooltip slightly (Valgor)
improved "Nothing needs to be repaired" print (Caal/desophos)
fixed Couldn't find Effects/itemOnGroundMonster.eff
fixed Couldn't find Sounds/Objects/gateInactive.wav
fixed Couldn't find Sounds/Objects/gateActive.wav
fixed a quest with no text (won't fix currently broken ones though) (ScrObot)
now show that tab goes back and forth between system/galaxy maps on button (profanicus)
fixed clone quest text (ScrObot)
fixed captain award not referring to command correctly (ScrObot)
planets, stars, player stashes, and gates no longer need radar to see fairly far away on minimap
increased fog reveal range by 10%
fixed races giving players too large of gifts
fixed your ship's attributes typo (Roswitha)
fixed plural issue in "sell out their own mothers" text (Roswitha)
smoke screens now only last 30 seconds instead of forever (Chumpy)
unique monsters and bosses can now cause problems from 3 systems away (pnakotus)
removed racial traits and Danger Level stuff from new ship screen (kerzain)
made rebel ships easier to find (Valgor)
now make it a little more obvious you get relation bonus for donating components to races (Virosa)
fixed SkillMonsterTimeLimit not being localized
added a ship speed help topic (ScrObot)
added ship speed to manual
added a visit another start system quest at the beginning of sectors (ScrObot)
increased very slow pace quest event time mult from 0.8 to 1.0 (eRe4s3r)
increased slow pace quest event time mult from 0.4 to 0.5
fixed "Thank you for nothing" wording (Roswitha)
fixed "You ask too much." punctuation (Roswitha)
fixed shipwreck spelling (Roswitha)
fixed chosen spelling in a couple places (Roswitha)
reworded Lithosoid food text (Roswitha)
fixed goods description wording (Roswitha)
added a period to a bunch of goods descriptions (Roswitha)
decreased JumpGatePriceBase from 20.0 to 5.0
increased negative rumor effect some (ShaggyMoose)
radar now picks up anything that is player related (fighters, other players, etc)
reworked how radar works for ships (starts off working much better, worse against higher level enemies)
improved radar tooltip to be useful
changed Trade to Trade/Negotiate (Steve)
added a tooltip to Trade/Negotiate button