Drox Operative v0.903 Beta Patch
fixed input focus on confirm delete ship menu
fixed delete offset on confirm delete ship menu (ScrObot/Film)
now hide tech version on icons except on consumables
changed component slot colors from green, orange, and blue to green, yellow, and orange (more sense, going to bug players for a bit)
changed slot indicators to always have 2 corners covered instead of different amount depending on slot type
no longer show base name of elite components in the text (just duplicate info)
added a blank line to radar tooltip to be consistent
added dps tooltip hint
fixed player fighters sometimes not attacking other enemy races (Shadowy Figure/xemu)
fixed problem where races were colonizing gas planets with new more established sectors options (Tchey/aReclusiveMind)
now start new ships with a mine weapon
now component outlines stay when you pick up a component (Steve)
now correct slot outlines blink when you pick up a component
improved better component indicator to also compare main stats for that type of component
changed teleport to jump on jump gate tooltips
now show when max speed is being decreased by something temporarily and show usual value also (ScrObot)
now when highlighting known star systems that you don't have a jump gate for it will tell you what known races have it for sale
made player model guaranteed across network (Lyranaar)
made race name guaranteed across network (Lyranaar)
fixed crash when clicking on certain rebel freighters (Bomphav)
missile defense now uses only 25% of ballistics energy usage (LostSoul)
missile defense now uses only 25% of old power load amount (LostSoul)
fixed tesla coils not highlighting correct stat
can now pay for rumored position of most single enemy quests (adds a waypoint to your map)
now hitting escape on trade response screen doesn't leave relation menu completely
races now have a much higher chance of turning on other races they find weaker (this should make it much less likely to win with multiple allies)