Drox Operative v0.904 Beta Patch
fixed HybridCortexRebels quest text (Bomphav)
closed some loopholes in trading (spacehog)
fixed a couple issues that were preventing the races from scrapping ships they no longer need or want (Cheet4h)
doubled desired war relation drop (races know they need to eliminate the competition)
changed win condition to ally with sole remaining race
added another lose condition - only one race and not allies
updated help text and manual for new win/lose condition
changed engine to drive in many places to be more consistent (Steve)
component rarity is shown on icons again (colored and numbered dots)
now hide bar icons when full player menu is hidden (spacehog)
now player gets bonuses per crew point depending on their race (50%, 30%, or 20% boost if only race stat, primary race stat, or secondary race stat)
increased HealthPerVit from 3.5 to 4.0
added new bonuses to create ship screen
changed ComputerActiveBoost from engineering to computers
toned down ui element outline color a bit (eRe4s3r)
toned down player health/energy bar colors (eRe4s3r)
changed the player health/energy bar look (eRe4s3r)
reworded energy when hit text (Ripperjk)
added text for energy per kill (ScrObot/fluffybot)
fixed quest slots 7-10 staying highlighted if something on the player changed and the active quest changed to the first one (ScrObot)
fixed AbsorbsUpToXDamage not being translated (ScrObot)
changed a monster item from memory to memory chip (ScrObot)
repair all now repairs structure also (Wanderer)
fixed mutate typo in super rats quest (Valgor)
added note that virus effect can stack 3 times (aReclusiveMind)
made "what would make this possible" more reliable when you are low on funds (aReclusiveMind)
added visit patch page to beta screen
increased the spawn chance of the first 4 cargo bays
reworded pirate quest text slightly (Roswitha)
fixed quests thinking sometimes when they weren't supposed to
races now give a discount on jump gates to a system where the player has a quest from that race in that system (Valgor)
added a description to missile defense components (Waffles/LostSoul)
fixed a potential infinite loop in projectile type of skills
made targeting with missile defense automatic
improved missile defense no enemy error
added text about what energy leech components do (fluffybot)
fixed harvester components (fluffybot)
fixed energy leech components (fluffybot)
changed crushing blow to direct hit (Waffles)
race selection for things like declare war on no longer show races you or the other race haven't met yet (ScrObot)
halved missile health (Virosa)
increased MaxDistanceThreateningMonster from 350.0 to 450.0 (longshot)