Drox Operative v0.905 Beta Patch
races now have up to 3 race specific slots (1 crew and either 1 heavy or 1 medium/1 light)
player initial loadout is now race specific
starting components now start with full durability/health
added support for race specific components (right now only used for race specific component slots that don't have components available at level 1)
every level up now get a free component from the Drox Operative Command (one of your race specific slots)
fixed heavy fighter bays icon (fluffybot)
fixed lightning field status effect icon (fluffybot)
fixed LeachesXPowerPerHit translation (fluffybot)
improved brute force text (fluffybot)
fixed an occasional crash when creating level 100 sectors (Shadowy Figure)
made it so trying to load .tga doesn't result in a critical error (Shadowy Figure)
fixed a couple shield icons
fixed the command points needed for heavy titan ship (Shadowy Figure)
rearranged create ship screen to fit everything better (Castruccio)
improved the look of the health bars on the selected entity menu
improved the look of the power bar on the equipment menu
fixed power load text spacing
decreased crew requirements on major components from 2.0 to 1.5 per level
decreased crew requirements on minor components from 1.5 to 1.125 per level
use slot outlines no longer flash when you pick up a component
now show treaties when highlighting a race icon
now show which cargo bays are open (RoboAV)
improved create ship screen look a little
fixed background texture of turn off help menu (Valgor)
increased ReuseTime of Emergency Energy from 10.0 to 60.0 (twice as long as status effect)
now deselect jump gate when shutting the jump gate screen (gornova)
fixed the lose time description (ScrObot)
now can highlight Drox icon on relation screen to see all races relation towards Drox (Steve)