Krater v1.0.9 Patch
- Added option to sell soldiers at the bar.
- Compass added to world map.
- Quick selection using q,w,e now handles multiple selection.
- When pressing ALT you can now see what's in the loot piles on ground, and right click to pick it up.
- When pressing ALT in world mini-map the names of all locations are shown.
- When too far away from loot you will now walk up to it.
- Inventory now remembers item placements.
- The list of blueprints at the crafting table is now sorted and have a new font.
- Gadgets are now removable.
- Camera now remembers rotation when switching team.
- Tweaked soldier prices at the bar.
- Added a friendly level at deep cave level 45.
- Added mini-map icon for boot camp's.
- Fixed respawn at last friendly location bug
- Fixed so that mouse over locations in world mini map works correctly.
- Fixed annoying bug where shift-looting miss click on ground would start queue up move commands.
- Fixed bug where camera could sometimes get locked to your soldiers when swapping team members.
- Fixed bug where camera sometimes would fly away when pressing space.
- Fixed annoying bug where hud clicks sometimes didn't register.
- Fixed a bug when rearranging abilities did not work properly in some resolutions.
- Revive icon no longer shown when whole team dies.
- Shift loot now shows correct text, and is shown a bit longer.
- Fixed mouse over on buffs and stats.
- Fixed random crash when using mutant regulator tag ability on freak bombers.
- New deployment system for builds and patches (smaller and faster patching).