Din's Curse v1.025 Beta Patch
fixed raider quest (DemonWar)
fixed leech spelling
fixed a problem where npcs weren't failing as many quests as they should when upset (Bluddy)
fixed Krall workers missing their type-specific enhancements (Bluddy) (DemonWar)
fixed scree not spawning correctly (Bluddy)
fixed a rounding error in World::getLevelFromMonsterLevel
added minMoneyBase and maxMoneyBase to systems.gdb (Bluddy)
fixed typos in both stash help topics
fixed a bunch of faction issues (desophos)
centered chat menu a little better
fixed a rare sound related crash
fixed game not handling new zone data from master server correctly
fixed a sound parsing error that can cause a crash
fixed a typo in manual
now always send auto attack target across network (should fix blinking selected entity UI) (Bluddy)
decreased NpcStartingMoneyDebtChance from 0.25 to 0.0625 (should have much less people starving)
decreased SemiHardcorePenalty from 5 to 4
dark elf ice storm now correctly marked as a spell (Bluddy)
fixed Ragnar alert skill notifying the correct faction (Bluddy)
removed old SkillLichAddFollowers stuff (Bluddy)
now clear enemies when monster is raised from the dead (Bluddy)
ported MinHealthPercent/MaxHealthPercent in skills from Drox (Bluddy)
decreased NpcDeathChance in starving quest from 0.5 to 0.35 (Bluddy)
increased hunger randomness (increased from 10% to 20%) (Bluddy)
fixed missing ClassMonsterRogue (Bluddy)
fixed spiced cider texture (Caal/Manumitted)
changed Vengence to Vengeance (Roswitha)
added SkillImbueIceBolt, SkillImbueIceBall, SkillImbueIceRing, SkillImbueFireBolt, SkillImbueFireBall, SkillImbueLightningBolt, SkillImbueChainLightningBolt, and SkillImbuePoisonBolt (Bluddy)
fixed an infinite loop when starting a new character after winning or losing a world (SamF7)
fixed petrified chat (Caal)
fixed a couple chat/item typos (Manumitted)
changed the Alt help topic to match the newer defaults
fixed Carnivorous Cave typo (Valgor)
hunter's trap mastery now gets 2 disarm trap/5 perception per level (Antigrav)
fixed a spacing issue in intelligence highlight text (timeh)
on shrunk group quest decreased chance from 0.9 to 0.8 (Haus)