Drox Operative v0.909 Beta Patch
switched back to old font
made small reward chests a little better (half of medium reward chest)
fear win now gets a small tribute reward chest from each remaining race
legend win now gets an xp bonus
economic win now gives you half of guilds credits take as an additional reward
military win now gives you a extra rare+ race specific component from the last remaining race
added "Meet any of the win conditions below to win the sector!" to win screen (Steve)
increased number of components in reward chest by 50%
fixed an infinite loop when starting a new character after winning or losing a sector
now only bind texture if it has changed (in quick test speeds up by ~5%)
changed button on planet status screen from cancel to done
improved the look of the main game menu
made advanced options a little easier to read on set up secter screen
fixed some quests showing up as completed when they weren't
fixed asking someone to make peace with another race never working (Lyranaar/Steve)
made it so damage right after two races declare peace doesn't put them right back into a war
added war quests (just like random quests but only start while in war)
added scout enemy planet quest
added worth to planet status screen
fixed scenario spelling (justanotherjoe)
fixed a few issues with rumors at planet (Cheet4h)
fixed Dimensional Pocket levels (cpmartins)
decreased points needed for economic, fear, and legend wins (Xemu/Roswitha)
doubled the minimap range
increased how far you can see planets (not full level, but many times what it was before)
increased fog elimination radius another 20%
decreased thruster volume and capped max number played at once (Magitek)
moved win conditions screen to main game menu instead of off of relations screen
increased energy/energy regen per engineering point by 50%
race ships no longer get attack/defense from base monster and computers
slowed down quest escalation a little bit