123 Math Pyramid
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123 Math Pyramid is a new colorful math exercising game for kids ages 4 to 7.
123 Math Pyramid picks up the pyramid type exercises commonly used in grade school and has put the solving part in a beehive surrounding. Kids can practice their math skills by simply filling in the missing numbers.
123 Math Pyramid has 3 skill levels:
Level 1 - Numbers up to 20, plus only
Level 2 - Numbers up to 36, plus only
Level 3 - Numbers up to 36, plus and minus.

123 Math Pyramid is very easy to use:
Step 1 - Select a level (upper left hand)
Step 2 - Get an exercise (bumblebee on the right)
Step 3 - Type the missing number on the calculator
Step 4 - Tab the target spot on the honeycomb
Step 5 - Once finished, tap the bumblebee on the left to check

To make it a bit challenging, we added 2 counters and a timer
Counter 1 - Correctly solve exercises (green)
Counter 2 - Exercises completed incorrectly or too late (red)
Timer set to 60 seconds

If the exercise is not completed within the 60 seconds the Counter 2 is increased by 1. But, the exercise can still be completed. Well, the kids should complete the exercise even if the 60 seconds have expired. The time limiting will come in school soon enough.
Dear parents, please guide your kids using 123 Math Pyramid to improve the math skills - not too early, but not too late.

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