2 beats 1
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Discover this jewel of boardgames from the far east!

With its small playing board and only 6 pawns for each player, '2 beats 1' will surprise you with its complexity and unexpected turns. The ultimate goal of beating the app on the highest level will ask all of your brainpower!

Special for '2 beats 1' is the way pawns are taken: bring 2 of your pawns in a vertical or horizontal line next to 1 pawn of your opponent and that pawn will be taken. A player with less than 2 pawns loses the game.

Apart from playing the app on 6 levels there are 3 ways to play friends: using your own device as a two player board, via bluetooth and online via Game Center.

On each level the main board is accompanied by a second board filled with position-puzzles that will improve your skills of strategy and thinking ahead.

25 leaderboards and 25 achievements in Game Center will help you to track your progress and challenge you to improve your game.

Enjoy the eastern style graphics and smooth movement of this elegant application!
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