2 Pokers, A Triple And Einstein
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Join the most exciting Chinese Poker (Pusoy) game on iPad, iPhone and iPod - 2 Pokers, a Triple and Einstein! Play this popular variant of poker against your Facebook friends or anyone on the planet! Start as a Level 1 player and work your way up to becoming a guru and play against fellow Level 8 players. Let Einstein be your guide by showing you the nerd stuff behind your poker hands.

- Play LIVE against you Facebook friends or anyone on the planet
- Earn special rewards when you throw a Full House, a Four-of-a-kind or a Straight Flush
- Earn even more special rewards when you receive a hand with Royalties - 3 Flushes, 6 Pairs or 13 Unique Cards
- Receive advise from Einstein on how good or bad your hand is by simply dragging him around your cards
- Take hints on which of the four available hands you want to take
- Take even more hints on which game will give you the chance to earn special rewards
- Choose from 30 beautiful background patterns
- Watch your friends play their hand using the background pattern of their choice
- See the country from which your opponent is from

The rules are simple. Out of 13 cards, form two poker hands and a triple. The best poker hand will be "the back" hand, the other poker hand will be "the middle" hand, and the triple will be "the front" hand. Each player will receive one point from each opponent whose back hand is worse than the player's back hand. Similarly, each player will receive one point from each opponent whose middle hand is worse than the player's middle hand. The same rule applies to the front hand. The player with the most number of points wins. In case of a tie, the player with the best back hand wins.

For more details, see http://http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_poker.

2 Pokers, a Triple and Einstein can be played with or without a Facebook account. Creating a Facebook account is free. The app will not post or access your Facebook feeds, nor use friends information for purposes other than find opponents for the games you join.
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