A Boulder Sprinkle Adventure PRO Multiplayer – Boom of the Giant Sheep Tsunami Splash Voyage FREE Game !
Genre Sport -> Racing
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PRO Version - Now with lasr beam platforms to jump on and MULTIPLAYER!

They're makin it rain! Watch out for giant boulders and flying sheep as you and your high-flying crew soars to the top of the mountain. The more gold coins you collect, allows you to unlock more characters. Each has more lives thah the other which allows you to fly higher than ever, before your steak ends!

Here's how the game works:

- Gameplay is simple and becomes more challenging as you avoid boulders and flying sheep

- Tilt the screeen to left or right to jump to left or right

- Collect gold coins to unlock more flying partners

- Collect the power-ups for a burst of speed

- The longer you play, the faster the game moves. Each time you play A Boulder Sprinkle Adventure – Boom of the Giant Sheep Tsunami Splash
it changes so you never play the same game twice

- Gamecenter Leaderboards let you see how you score compared to other players by how long you're able to survive and collect gold coins

- Challenge your friends to beat your score!

-DISCLAIMER FOR KIDS MODE IN APP PURCHASE FEATURE- Kids mode is an In App Purchase feature within the game that allows the user to have unlimited health. Also this feature disables the ability for the character to collect in game coins and the ability to shoot down obstacles within the game. The purpose of this feature is to allow the user and/or kids for that matter to be able to play the game for an extended period of time without being hit by any in game obstacle. The user will also have the option to turn KIDS MODE OFF as well.
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