A Gangnam Dive - Free Diving Game
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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OMG! You're diving near the prosperous district of Gangnam, when suddenly... A huge swarm of electric eels, giant pufferfish, jellyfish and ninja sea stars attack! (OH SNAP!)

Two ways to play! Are you a pacifist? Or aggressive?

Pacifist mode (hard): Get ready to dodge the swarm. You'll have to be quick on your flippers. Just don't shoot any sea creatures!

Aggressive mode (easy): Use your bubble gun to defend yourself against those deadly sea creatures!

This game parodies the super-popular Gangnam Style craze that is spreading world wide... And adds DEEP SEA DIVING just for kicks.

Choose from 3 GANGNAM STYLE DIVERS that you control (more to come!!)
• Gangnam Diver
• Dolphin
• Sea Turtle

Have fun, compete with your friends, and laugh your behind off while dance music pumps in the background. Addictive fun for the whole family!

Download Gangnam Dive NOW!!!
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