A Mega Zombie Hunter Rooftops Run: A Dark Dash Jumping Rescue Race to the Undead Temple
Genre Kids ->
Today's Rank 24058
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
30 levels ALL FREE, Free Powerups, Free Coins

Run, Jump, Climb, and race for your life! How far can you get?

Jump into this addictive, action-packed mega hit!

Fast paced game where your goal is to stay undead as you jump between buildings, avoid obstacles and defeat enemies. Jump, slash, and run for your life! Grab coins along the way as you reach each level to upgrade your zombie abilities. Hit 3 matching enemies in a row for an epic power-up boost. Rockets, helicopters, Undead 'roid rages - defying all laws of physics & logic. Whatever you do, just don't fall from the buildings or let the baddies get you. Stay undead!

Powerups, Collect Coins, Different Characters

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