ABC Balloons Pop
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With Gangnam Style as the background music you can't go wrong!
Your baby will turn into an alphabet wiz in no time.

ABC Balloons Pop is a fun and interesting way to get kids to practice their ABC.

The alphabets float in beautiful balloons of different and attractive colors.
Kids are asked to pop the correct balloon by touching it.
When a balloon is popped, they get the popping sound as feedback, and the balloon explodes into bits.

Kids are rewarded with stars for getting the right answer.

Cool Features:

● Beautiful balloons of different colors.
● 7 beautiful backgrounds made for kids.
● Backgrounds are randomly selected so your kids play longer.
● A remix of Gangnam Style plays in the background.
● Clear and crisp female voice indicating which alphabet bubble to pop.
● Star based system to keep the kids motivated
● A repeat voice button at the top right
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