Abeja The Bee In A Laser Lightning Experiment
Genre Kids ->
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Date N/A
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Things are getting crazy out there and Abeja The Bee is here to save the day. Take on the nasty rain clouds in this exciting adventure. Abeja The Bee and friends have developed incredible talents, allowing them to shoot lasers beams out of their eyes, blasting the evil lightning clouds clean out of the sky! Watch out though, the clouds are fighting back and have some secret tricks at their disposal.

★ Simple Yet Challenging Gameplay
★ Beautiful Rolling Countryside
★ Loveable Characters With Lasers
★ Fun For All The Family
★ Compete With Friends via Game Center
★ Incredible Original Sound Effects

The controls are simple and easy to master, imagine Abeja The Bee flies like a helicopter, simply tap the left side of the screen to get him to climb and release to drop. Tap the right side to fire those laser eyes!

Start out with Abeja The Bee, then unlock Betty The Butterfly and Lily The Ladybug!

Abeja The Bee In A Laser Lightning Experiment is fun for all the family with no in app purchases, just endless fun, great music and cool characters.
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