Abjad City for iPad
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Play Abjad, the exciting adventure game, and save Abjad City from the evil Sharroor! It is also a fun way to learn the Arabic Alphabet, and some basic vocabulary.
Our story begins in Abjad, a city powered by the Arabic Alphabet (Abjad letters). Sheikh Al-Abjadiya writes these letters and feeds them through the city’s generator, which provides a clean, green source of energy. Evil Sharroor has wasted all his resources and has run out of energy. He has his eyes on Abjad City to steal the letters to power his dying city. He has gathered up the energy from the forces of nature and dispersed the alphabet all over Abjad City. Only YOU, our hero, can save Abjad City.
Navigate through Abjad City on your magic carpet to collect the letters and objects, while avoiding the obstacles Sharroor has put for you.
The Abjad App includes:
6 main levels which cover all 28 Arabic Alphabet letters
Each level centers around a theme (Animals, Fruits & Vegetables, Actions, Professions, Body Parts, Objects)
Every time the player flies over the letter, that letter is phonetically pronounced; and every time the player touches the objects of the search letter, the name of that object is said in Arabic.
Players must collect 10 letters from each level, along with objects beginning with the same letter
Players can choose between a boy or girl avatar.
Motion is based on the joystick, and players have a choice between left and right placement of the joystick
The Abjad App is based on the Boardgame Abjad! by Abjad Hawaz, LLC (www.abjadhawaz.me)
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