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Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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☆☆☆ Awesome color sudoku ☆☆☆

How much harder/easier is solve sudoku with colors. Try it out!

Great sudoku with a beatiful graphics and rich features. Great sudoku puzzle game to start with. This sudoku game work with your iPhone/iPad devices. Game highlight selected color, so it's much easier to found all the colors. You can also make notes, that help you to solve current puzzle. Great statistic system keep track on played games, times and some other details...


☆ Easy and great gameplay
☆ Unlimited number of puzzles
☆ Scoring system
☆ Game center hi-scores
☆ Great game statistics
☆ Selected color is highlighted (easier to see)
☆ Make a notes (set small color boxes on empty cells)
☆ Smart notes (automaticly remove notes when they are no longer valid)
☆ Error checking prevents wrong moves (easy/normal mode)
☆ Hard mode allows all the mistakes, like when you solving normal paper sudoku
☆ Fun for days


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