Achuxi Lite
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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Long long ago, there was an irritable and fierce monster Xi with huge body, who brought lots of disaster to the villagers. At the end of every year, people, old and young, all flee into the bamboo forest as the shelter.
Things changed right after a mysterious monk showed up who is smart, brave and kind-hearted. In order to bring people the peace, we need your help to beat Xi. Still waiting? Join us and fight for the freedom, peace and justice
This is an action search game which helps the panda find the firecrackers to beat Xi.
A valuable easy-to-play, game with fantastic graphics and wonderful stories.
The game will bring you to the mysterious ancient East.
All various of achievements are waiting for you to challenge.
Lots of various awards are ready for you to pick up.
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