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Act It takes all the laughs from a classic game of Charades and adds the power of your mobile video camera to create the ultimate social video game! We give you the Theme, you Act It, record it, and send it to a friend.

Tired of Draw Something and Words With Friends? Want a more Social social game? Then Act It is just for you!

Here’s how it works…

We give you the choice of 3 Themes: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Pick the one you like and get ready to Act It!

Next you record the video of yourself, a friend, or anything that will give your opponent the best chance of guessing the Theme. Feel free to use props and costumes… The videos are only limited by your imagination. JUST DON’T SAY THE THEME!!!!!

Once you’ve recorded the video you can Review it, Re-record it, Share it to Facebook, Save it to your camera roll, and of course send it to your opponent.

Your opponent will receive the video, which they can watch as many times as it takes to guess what the Theme was using a jumble of letters. BUT FEAR NOT, THEY CAN’T SAVE OR SHARE YOUR VIDEOS! So don’t be scared to let your inner star run wild!!!


★ Turn-based Gameplay allows you to Act It at your own pace.

★ Sign in using Facebook or an email address.

★ Find friends to play with using Facebook, email, or let us find a worthy actor for you using Random Play.

★ You have 6 seconds to record your performance.

★ Use either camera on your iPhone or iPod Touch to record your performance.

★ Statues
Use the coins you’ve earned to buy Statues. These Statues can give you 3 powerful boosts:
-Getting a new set of Themes.
-Increasing the recording time from 6 to 12 seconds. You can also use 2 Statues to get 20 seconds.
-Getting rid of some of the extra letters in the jumble to make guessing the Theme a bit easier.

★ Work together with your opponent to see how many Rounds you can go without Giving Up.

★ Use Push Notifications to be alerted when you have a video to watch.


Download now and star in the role of your life!
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