Adlatus Free
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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Adlatus is a puzzle game played on a 10x10 board of coloured tiles. The player controls two figures - the Wizard and his Adlatus - which move alternately according to a very simple rule: Each figure can move to any adjacent tile as long as it has the same colour as the tile the other figure is currently looking at.

The object of the game is to reach the exit using the smallest possible number of moves. The rules are simple, but the combinations of colours on the board and special tiles which turn the figures in a different direction can make the puzzles very challenging. You can only win the star for each board if you solve it using the minimum possible number of moves.

The free edition of the game contains over 30 boards which range in difficulty from very easy (level 1) to extremely challenging (level 6). You can also choose to play each board in Easy, Normal or Hard mode. Even the developers of the game have not yet succeeded in solving all the level 5 and 6 boards in Hard mode!

The game also includes an Editor, which lets you design up to 3 of your own boards.
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