Agile Archer Free
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Agile Archer Free is an iOS turn-based archery game, which is a 3D first-person aim-and-shoot game and built for both iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad.

1. Player can invite another player or a group of players up to 16.
2. Each player takes his/her turn to aim and shoot one by one.
3. Game ends when every player is done.
4. The player(s) with the highest score will win points of 100 times the number of players.
5. A player's point is saved on his/her device.
6. A player's point is published to the Leaderboard.
7. A player will achieve achievements(up to 10) based on his/her points. (to-do: name and requirement for each acheivement)
8. The game is integrated with Game Center.
9. A player can participate in one or more games at the same time.
10. A player can view all the completed games he/she played.
11. A player can view all the pending games he/she is playing.
12. A player can start a new game.
13. A player can accept invitations from other players.
14. The screen for player to aim and shoot is three dimension(3D) with enough details.
15. Factors may effect the shooting: wind direction, wind speed.
16. Interface for player to draw, aim at target and release. The interface should be simple and intuitive, easy to use and user friendly.
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Screenshots added: 2013-01-08